New Hire Integration Feedback Form


Dear Mr/Mrs…………….

This form is intended to improve the over on boarding process and your feedback is important for us.

Thanks for your cooperation.

I/ Rating scales

1. 0 = not applicable
2. 1 = Completely Disagree
3. 2 = Somewhat Disagree
4. 3 = Somewhat Agree
5. 4 = Completely Agree

II/ Feedback questions

1. My Recruiting Process was well scheduled and arranged.

2. I found the information and learning provided during the orientation training sessions relevant in helping me integrate better within………..

3. Guest House accommodation provided a comfortable stay for me.

4. I am satisfied with my overall experience with the following teams:

IT (Computers, NT Login)
Training & Development
Guest House Accommodation

5. I was given a useful ramp up for the project to help me learn fast.

6. I found the orientation program comprehensive and useful?

7. I found induction kit was useful.

What can we do better as a team to improve your on boarding experience?

Other remarks :

For Company


HR Manager

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