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Employee Performance Concern/ Issue Letter Example

The purpose of an employee performance concern letter is to express concern over the performance of the employee by the employer. The employee performance issue letter highlights the unacceptable performance levels of the employee and issues a warning against the same. Using this warning letter to employee for poor performance, the employer gives a strong signal to the employee to pull up his socks and start improving the performance.

This post includes a poor performance letter template. You can use this format for employee performance concern letter to create a personalized draft.

Employee Performance Concern Letter Template, Sample Format


Simon Smith

HR Manager

Zenith Technologies


Date: October 2nd, 2021


Mr. Andy Jacob

Marketing Manager

Zenith Technologies


Dear Andy,

The purpose of writing this letter is to highlight my concerns over the declining performance of our Deputy Marketing Manager, Mr. Richard Bay, whose performance has been delaying from last six months. He has been displaying negligence and disinterest in work. He, being the in-charge of some of the significant projects, needs to be focused and dedicated towards his roles and responsibilities.

It has been observed that he has not been attending the monthly meetings of the department from last two months. He has also been reporting to work at late and leaving the office early without prior information. All this has led to declining performance as he is not able to devote enough time to the projects of which he is the in-charge. In addition, we have received many complaints for his inaccurate and unacceptable behavior with the juniors. All these things are not acceptable at our organization.

You are required to investigate his performance and behavior and take immediate action against him by September 10th, 2021 or else the Management will have to come in the picture and take required disciplinary action against him.

Thank you.


Simon Smith

HR Manager

Zenith Technologies

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