Easy Tips for Writing Impressive Cover Letter

Quick and easy guidelines on drafting perfect cover letters that never fail to impress. We all have heard from our seniors and read in articles that we must never send resume or job opening enquiry without a perfectly drafted formal cover letter. But despite putting in all our efforts we don’t even know whether someone is going to read it or simply ignore it.

This post brings some of the simplest and easiest tips that help you write impressive cover letter that are noticed by the employer. So read on these tips and find out some of the easiest guidelines for framing cover letters that impress hiring managers without much effort.

  1. Know the Kind of Letter

It is important that before start writing a cover letter, you should know that you have picked the right kind of letter as styles of letter differ depending you are writing it for sending it with your resume or for mentioning some referral for any other purpose. So before you pen the letter, find out the type.

  1. Find Out Whom to Address

This is another point that can make a big difference. If you can find out whom you should be addressing you letter then it gives you the opportunity to personalize your letter and helps you take follow-up. This surely helps your letter stand out.

  1. Mention a Referral

If you want to get the attention of the employer on your application then you must find out if you have any friend or relative working for the same company. You can use Facebook or LinkedIn to find that and if you have someone who can refer you then this will surely add another star to your cover letter. Most of the times we don’t even make efforts to know if we have a referral.

  1. Don’t Make it Lengthy

Never go for long cover letters as no one has time to read them. Keep it short and sweet, roughly one page long. Only a couple of paragraphs are good enough to deliver your thought. Don’t use small font to stuff more words as this would again majke it unpleasant to read.

  1. Be Simple With Font

Any font is good as far as it is easy to read. Select from the standard fonts which include Arial, Times New Roman and Calibri. Avoid using artistic fonts as they are difficult to read plus add an informal appeal.

  1. Formatting and Paragraphing

You must use lots of white space to ensure high readability. Use space between paragraphs and signatures as they make your letter light in appeal and easier to read. With limited content and smart use of white space, you can make your letter impressive and readable.

  1. Coordination Between Resume and Letter

Whether it the format, font or content, there has to be a match between your resume and your cover letter or else they both will look unmatched and unprofessional. So make sure they synchronize with each other.

  1. Focus Only on Relevant Information

There is no need to repeat what is already included in your resume. Your cover letter should include relevant information which is not very much highlighted in your resume like your skills, personality traits etc. which are important for the profile you are applying for.

  1. Connect Your Skills with Job Requirements

In order to create strong impression, you must establish a connection between requirements of the profile and your skills as this will again add more points to your cover letter thereby increasing your chances of moving ahead in the hiring process.

  1. Keep it Customized

It is very important to customize your letter keeping in mind the company to which you are sending the letter. This customization is possible by including the name of the person whom you should be contacting, including the referrals and including few points specific to the job or the company.

With these tips, you can create an attractive and impressive cover letter which would never go unnoticed. So follow these guidelines and surely you will receive the interview call soon.