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10 Tips for Writing an Effective Resume

One of the most important things while applying for a job is your resume. It is the complete package of the information concerning your work experience, qualification, achievements, strengths and weaknesses etc. which you present to the company in which you are applying before any kind of physical interaction. It is the first step that gives you the opportunity to win the attention of the company.

Hence, it is very important that you learn to frame a professionally drafted effective resume that can win you extra points. This article talks about 10 important tips for writing a smart CV. Keep these points in mind and you can surely create that first impression.

  1. Always Mention the Goal or Objective

It is very important to mention your goal or objective in life. This presents your perception and attitude towards life. Always write what you really mean instead of just pasting a few good lines to sound great. Keep it simple but keep it interesting. It can be anything big or small, but something in which you really believe.

  1. Always Keep it Chronological

You need to follow a chronological sequence of events. This would make the flow of the information logical and easy understandable. You should always start from the latest event and then go up to the last even without missing on anything important.

  1. Start With Work Experience

It is advisable that you start your resume with your work experience. If you are currently employed with some company then do mention it. In case you are a fresher then you can always talk about your internship or project which can make your resume look impressive.

  1. Mention Your Projects and Qualifications

The next thing that you are required to include in your CV is complete information on your projects followed by your qualification. Make sure you include all the details like name of your university, degree and percentage etc. to make it informative.

  1. Talk About Strengths and Weaknesses

Another essential thing to mention without fail is your strengths and weaknesses. Whatever you mention, make sure you are able to justify it if you are asked a question on it. Present your weaknesses in a way that they seem your strengths. This will help you lead the interviewer to ask questions for which you already have answers.

  1. Personal Information

This part should contain your father’s name, marital status, date of birth, nationality and various other things. Make sure you mention all the basic things without missing on anything important.

  1. Always Sign It

It is advised that you sign your CV in the end along with putting the date. This gives a wonderful impression as you always stay up to date with all the nitty-gritty.

  1. Mention Your Contact Details

Your contact details should be clearly stated on your resume. Place it on left hand side top to make sure that the person doesn’t have to look for your phone number or mail id. It should be clear. Also include your address with it.

  1. Keep the Tone Professional

You need to use minimum language and give maximum information from your CV. Whatever language you use, it has to be highly professional and pleasant. Simplicity is the key to make your resume stand out.

  1. Use Proper Headlines

You must create a clean demarcation between different content by putting clean and short headings which will make it easier for the HR to read it section by section. Headlines must be bold and should be able to create a difference for the reader.

Keep all these points in mind while drafting your resume to make sure that you don’t miss on anything important which can become a hurdle in your success.

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