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Useful Tips for Writing Effective Letter of Motivation

When you are applying for a job, just submitting your resume is not enough. No matter how impressive your CV is but you need something extra to bring it in notice of the recruiters. And to make that happen you must write a professional letter of motivation along with your CV. For sure, you will have brighter chances of getting the job.

This post talks about the essential tips which are useful for writing your own letter of motivation in the best way possible. Use these effective guidelines that help you frame a perfect formal letter.

Study the Company

It is very important that before sending your CV, you have done enough research about the company and also about the position for which you wish to apply. This is useful because this information you are going to share in your letter.

Keep it Personal

This has to be a very personal letter. You cannot ask your friend to write it on your behalf. It is very important that you letter reflects your personality and is able to create the much needed impression on the recruiter. So let it have your feel.

Keep it Straight and Clear

The purpose of this letter is to tell the HR manager that what all you are looking for in the job and what all can you offer to the company. Highlighting mutual benefits is very important. Do not stuff your letter with unnecessary information as it is of n o use. All the content of your draft should reflect your strong motivation towards the job and the company.

Talk About Your Strength

You will only get a call for interview if you are able to flaunt your strong points. Remember that the competition is intense and this is your opportunity to bring out your strengths in the letter in the first couple of sentences. Your strong points should be able to connect with the profile for which you have applied.

Keep it Balanced

Your letter must be able to express your high motivation levels but make sure that you don’t sound arrogant in your letter as it can be a very negative point for you. Also make sure that you don’t end up underestimating your qualities. You must know the trick to strike the balance with perfection.

Don’t Make it Your Resume

You are going to attach your resume with the letter for sure, so don’t end up mentioning the details of your CV in your letter. Also do not mention anything in the letter that has not been discussed in your CV. It is a big blunder. CV and motivation letter have to be complementing. There has to be a logical connection in every detail you are sharing. Keep your draft interesting so that the recruiter is compelled to call you for the interview.

Professional Goals are Must

You must know your professional goals, as in where do you wish to see yourself 5 years or 10 years from now. Go for something positive and realistic. You can also talk about some of your achievements which are going to be helpful in attaining your objectives.

Explain Importance of this Job

You are suppose to be clearly stating the importance of this job for you. You are going to be discussing about your motivation by explaining why you are the right choice for the profile. Your letter has to be persuasive. Build a bridge between the qualities needed for the job and the qualities possessed by you. Explain how you think you are the suitable choice.

Justify What You Say

Just mentioning that you are committed will not help you. You should be able to provide strong reasoning on that. For that you can mention some incident which has happened in the past. Think well and quote smart examples.

Know Whom to Address

Addressing the right person is very important. If you don’t know the name of the recruiter or the HR manager then use internet or simply call the company office to enquire. This is very important because you cannot afford to address your letter to someone else as all your efforts are going to go waste.

Keep these points in mind while framing your personal persuasive letter of motivation to the recruiter. This can surely help you have a good impression which can help you land with an interview and finally get selected.

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Sample Motivation Letter for Job Application

Motivation letter is also known as letter of motivation. It is a letter that is sent with the resume and contains a perfectly briefed introduction of the applicant. The reason for writing such a letter is to persuade the HR manager about your qualities which make you a suitable choice for the profile which you have applied. This letter can actually help you win an interview, if framed in the right way.

If you are not sure of framing a motivation letter for job application then here is a sample template to help you write your own letter with perfection. Use the format given below to write your own letter with ease.

Example of Motivation letter for job application

James Smith

42 Johnson Apartments

St. Anthony’s Road

New York

Date: 03.11.15


Andrew Gibbs

HR Manager

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

2 Richmond Street

New York

Dear Mr. Andrew,

I would like to apply for the position of Marketing Executive with your company.

My motivation for applying this profile with ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. is because your organization is known for giving opportunities and freedom to the employees to perform. Every new entrant wants to start his career with a company like yours because of the training and expertise you help them attain in their career which is essential for bright future.

I have completed Masters in Business Administration with Major in Marketing from New York University which enrolls only 50 students out of thousands of applications. Having admitted and studied at such a reputed university gave me a chance to interact, learn and compete with the best minds. This also helped me stay abreast with latest events in the world.
During my course, I have participated in various competitions which have helped me hone my interpersonal communication skills. I have worked in teams and have been a responsive and vigilant coworker to my colleagues. I am good at giving presentations and persuading others by highlighting the best benefits in a creative manner which is easy to absorb.

I know ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. looks for fresh talent which is enthusiastic, innovative and committed to the job. I strongly believe that I possess these qualities and with my dedication I can be an asset to your company. I feel I have the ability to market anything with my innovation. Every job that I take up, I do it with complete conviction and I am very excited working with your world class company.

All my qualifications and achievements have been briefed in the resume which is attached with the letter. In case, you need more information about my education qualification or skills then please email me or call me.

Thanking you. I look forward to hear from you.

Yours sincerely,

James Smith

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30 Great Quotes On Attitude

Enclosed is the 30 Great Quotes On Attitude.

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