Tips for Changing One Job to Another in the Same Company

Sometimes you want to change your job but you don’t wish to change your employer. There are various reasons because of which we look forward for transferring jobs instead or quitting and finding a new company.

Transferring job is an interesting option for giving your career a new direction. You can easily design a new career path without changing your present employer. If you are also planning to change your job within your present company then this post brings to you various tips that can be of great help to you.

Tips on Transferring Jobs with Same Employer

If there is some internal opening in your company at the same branch or at a different branch then use these tips for going for transferring jobs. You will surely have more chances of getting selected during the hiring process because you understand the working of the company but this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to follow the application process.

You will have to be a part of the process of recruitment just like any other fresh candidate, whether it is relocation or change in functional area. Use the below mentioned tips and guidelines which are very much needed in order to make your internal transfer request fruitful.

Start with Discussing it With Your Manager

The first and the foremost thing that you need to do is to discuss it with your present manager. This is the right step to begin with so that your manager doesn’t feel that you are not making him a part of your transfer. It is always important to take him in confidence because his guidance and support is important for you.

In case you feel your manager is a difficult personality to deal with then you will have to connect with prospective managers, your manager’s supervisor and any other person of the same or higher level. Make sure that you intelligently and carefully weigh all the options you have before moving ahead with your choice because once you have moved ahead, you cannot take a u-turn. So take time to decide and discuss.

Do Not Compromise with Your Performance

Once you have decided to move ahead with your new profile, do not be irresponsible at your present job. You are advised to keep performing with excellence in your present job so that your behavior or performance doesn’t reflect that you were unhappy or dissatisfied with your current profile. Keep doing your job until transfer with high energies and positive attitude. Remember that companies love their employees but they would never like any of their workers to feel discontented with their present working. So be cautious about your productivity.

Functional Transfer Demands Interaction

If you are looking for opportunities in some other functional area then it is important that you interact with staff from that particular department. Involving yourself in projects and activities that bring out your skills and talent is a good thing to do. Volunteer yourself so that more and more people know you. It is very important to have strong visibility and increased interaction so that you are popular also outside your department. So be proactive and participate.

Seek Help From Current Manager

It is extremely important for you to discuss your career path and development with your present manager. This will not only highlight things you need to work on but will also bring out a clear picture to you to plan your career in a more effective manner. Moreover, your manager is also going to feel happy because you are seeking his guidance. Ask for his help in planning your career; sit with him and discuss the available options and move ahead with his support and you will surely make it big.

Do Not Compromise on Resume

Most of the times we think that because we are applying for the job internally, so we can be casual with presenting our resume or highlighting our qualifications and skills, but this is the wrong approach. You have to be very serious in following the application process. Submit your updated resume by including all your achievements, qualifications and everything else that you think can help you score higher points. Including references can be an interesting addition. You have to market yourself with all your efforts and because it is an internal recruitment, you surely have higher chances to get selected.

So if you are interested in transferring job within the same company, follow these points and you will get selected for sure.