10 Useful Tips for Writing and Sending Thank You Letters

Thank You letters are always special. They are a way of expressing your gratitude towards anyone and everyone around you. But to make them look impressive, you really need to know the tips which are highly effective.

Here are the best 10 tips for writing and sending thank you letters formally, especially after you have had an interview which can really make a great difference by helping you stand out.

  1. Timing is Important

You must always send the thank you letters right on time. If you take too long to send them then they are unable to create the impact for which they have been drafted. Write them and send them just after the event has taken place.

  1. Customize it as per Situation

If you are referring to a sample or you have an already framed thank you note then customize it according to the present situation. If it is for an interview then modify it as per the company’s profile. There has to be some detailing or specification about the event after which you are writing this.

  1. Email and Mail

As stated above, timing is the key so make sure that you send an email along with a formal mail to express your gratitude. Email is going to reach within a blink of an eye and mail is going to revive the richness of your thoughtful professional behavior which is going to impress the reader again without fail.

  1. Don’t Forget the Personal Touch

To make your thank you note has that genuine appeal; you must focus on keeping your personal touch alive in it. For that you can mention something that you felt was important for the interviewer or something specific that was mentioned by him. It is about reviving the interaction again through your letter.

  1. Mention Your Worth

It is good to express your worth through your words in a smart and indirect manner. You can do that by discussing a few of your skills or accomplishments which indirectly hint on hiring you for the job because you are competent and smart for a particular profile.

  1. Attach Your Resume

In the midst of all of this, do not forget to attach your resume with the thank you letter which expresses your intelligence, professional approach and zeal towards this opportunity.

  1. Mend the Mistakes

If you think you made some mistake during your interview then this is the time to mend it. The best way to do it by admitting your mistake and address to it in a brief and intelligent manner. Do not make it too long but just keep it simple and short.

  1. Handwritten is Always Better

If you can pen a handwritten thank you note then this is one of the best things to do. Whether it is a formal note or a personal note, writing it all by yourself adds more value to it. Even if you don’t have a beautiful handwriting, there is nothing bad is writing it. Just make sure that it looks clean and readable.

  1. Choose a Professional Thank You Card

If you are sending a professional thank you note then you must buy a formal card which is simple and elegant. Make sure that it is very subtle and classy. Anything loud can ruin the whole effect of it. Go with a simple plain background with thank you written on it. It is the best choice to make.

  1. Don’t Send The Same Note to All

It is just not recommended that you send the same note to one and all as it will have no meaning. Customize it and make it personal so that it can be cherished and appreciated by the reader.

All of these tips are very useful in helping you create a wonderful impression by exhibiting your professional attitude. So when you pen down a thank you note, use these points in framing the most amazing thank you notes that can win hearts.