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10 Unprofessional Activities to Strictly Avoid in Your Career

Career is of utmost importance to all of us and to make it shine bright, we work hard to have a well developed country. But sometimes we might just ending up ruining it all with one wrong move. Every move that we make, we make with an intention to take our career to next level but sometimes unknowingly or knowingly, we end up making a mistake which hampers our career.

This post highlights the top 10 unprofessional activities that we must all avoid in order to keep your career on the right track.

1. Stop Doing Your Work

No matter what the reason is, you cannot simply stop doing your work when you are at office. In case, you are not happy with your boss or with the working culture and you have mentioned this to your management. In such a scenario, you are expected to keep working rather than sitting idle and waiting for the decision to come. If you stop doing your work, then it is an unprofessional thing to do which shows your negligence towards your job.

2. Unprofessional Conduct

While at work, you are expected to behave professionally as this is a rule of the corporate world and you must never break it. Never ever get stuck in a situation wherein someone has to come up to you and warn you about your misconduct. Always be professional when you are at work, no matter where you come from.

3. Work From Home

Companies do offer the comfort of work from home to their employees but making stupid excuses to work from home is the worst thing to do. This is just a comfort and you must use it when it is actually necessary. Do not simply opt for it so that you can relax at home. It is unprofessional.

4. Miss on Meetings

If you have a meeting scheduled an hour before your usual official timings and you skip it, it is seriously damaging to you. It is very important that you take all your meeting requests seriously. Making excuses for skipping it gives a wrong message.

5. Participating in Unimportant Programs

Sometimes we end up participating in events of no importance like a dance class or yoga session or a cultural event. These programs are good to attend, only if you are doing complete justice to your professional roles and responsibilities. Never miss on your work because of these programs which are not connected with your profession.

6. Not Being Serious

If you are not serious about your work, nothing can save your career. Being very casual with things is not good for your professional growth. If you will take everything lightly, then you will head nowhere.  Work demands seriousness and commitment.

7. Take 5 Meal Breaks Instead of 3

Most of us love to take breaks as and when we want and we end up going for breaks for more than 3 times. We go for tea breaks, coffee breaks and meal breaks because of which we are actually spending more time in food and talks than at our desk, working for the job for which we have been appointed. Do not be a part of those groups who happen to do these things.

8. Taking All Types of Leaves

Companies offer different kinds of leaves and you aim to utilize all these leaves, whether they are needed to not. You want to use all the sick leaves and casual leaves. And for this you will make all possible excuses which will surely mean that you are creating stories than reporting the real problem. So never do such a thing which can ruin your reputation.

9. Strong Focus on Grooming

It has often seen in offices that female employees spend too long in washrooms grooming themselves. You need to understand that you need to groom yourself on the technical front rather than on your looks. Likewise, male employees spend good amount of time in gyms to work on their body. There has to be a limit to everything.

10. Fall Sick Every Few Days

If you are taking too many leaves saying that you are sick then this is going to ruin your reputation because your boss would always feel that you are always unwell. And in such a scenario, you can never expect your boss of give you a task of high priority or to give you appraisal because you are never well to perform your duties.

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4 Career Risks That Must Always Be Avoided

Taking risk in life is important but to make sure that you don’t end up in mess, you must take smart and calculated risks. We all take risks when it comes to our career but if we don’t take intelligent risks then we can end up losing our job or missing on such an important deal. Risk taking is inevitable if you want to grow and move ahead in your career. And in order to benefit, you must make sure that you take the right risks and avoid the wrong ones.

This article talks about 5 career risks that must always be avoided. Read on to find out what these risks are as they can actually leave you with no job in hand. So in case you are planning any of these risks, keep them out of your list as they can be very damaging for your career.

1. Simply Walking Out of Your Job

We are sometimes so pissed off from our present job or boss that one day we simply decide to quit it. But just wait as this is not the right risk to go for. You might be thinking that once you leave the present job, you will have a fresh start. You will begin looking for a new job and things will normalize. But this is quite optimistic an approach. Practically, you should have a plan before you start acting. Bear the present job for a little longer and find out a suitable job before quitting. This way you will never have to compromise too big with the offers you get in future.

2. Don’t Take Risks Close to Your Retirement

The right time to rake risks is when you are young. You can possibly take all big risks like working abroad, changing your field of work or staring a new business. All these risks are worthy if taken when you are young as you have your complete life to bounce back and be successful. When you are old and your retirement is due in couple of years, taking risks like these is not a wise thing to do. Rather you should keep enjoying your present company and have an easy retirement.

3. Looking Out For Success

Most of us always categorize whatever we do into success and failure because we all want to be successful in our career. But with this kind of an approach, we force ourselves to feel bad, ashamed and defeated when we are not able to perform the way we had planned. This way we are unable to learn from the experience and we tag ourselves as failures. It is good to aim for success but we often miss on the lessons that we should take from our failures.

4. Putting Your Reputation at Stake

Whenever you have to make any choice in your career, you should always analyze it from different perspectives to know how much risk it involves. Taking risks with a job title or association is not that difficult as they don’t harm much and are forgotten soon. On the contrary, if your reputation is at risk then it can cause a long lasting damage to your career and therefore, you must always avoid taking such a chance as it is very damaging.

When we talk about career, various opportunities come our way but we have to be very selective about what opportunities to embrace and what to let go. Whenever moving ahead with any choice, we must take into consideration the risks involved in it. This will always keep your career on the right track and will always help you climb the ladder of success.

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