How to Withdraw From Consideration for a Job

Sometimes you apply for the job and then later on when you analyze it, you realize that this is not the job you have been looking for or it doesn’t match with your experience, skills or qualifications. And then you come across a far better opportunity which comes with more benefits and attraction. In such a scenario, you find the need to withdraw consideration for a job. Make sure you do it in the right way.

Here are some steps which help you follow a formal process for withdrawing consideration for a job. Keep these in mind and you will never hamper your professional relationships.

Time to Withdraw Your Application

If you have not been selected for an interview then there is no need to withdraw from consideration as you are not a part of the race. But in case, your interview has been scheduled or it has been completed and you are waiting for results, then in that case you must inform the employer that you are not interested in this position any longer.

Withdrawing Consideration with an Email

You can send a formal email for withdrawing your consideration. Follow these two points in mind while writing the email.

  • Appreciate the interviewer for his time and consideration.
  • Mention why the position was not a good choice for you.

Withdrawing Consideration with a Phone Call

If you have developed good rapport with the interviewer or the HR manager who interviewed you then you can plan to inform the employer about your withdrawal of consideration over a phone call. If you plan to share this information over telephone then you must follow these points.

  • Make sure that you speak directly with the same HR manager or hiring manager you interviewed you.
  • Never leave messages or voicemails to share this information.
  • You can even refer someone else for the profile.
  • Do not forget to mention the reason for withdrawal.

Be Professional and Optimistic

It is very important for you to understand that even if you are withdrawing the consideration, you must always be at the best of your professional behavior and positive approach. Do not look into the negative aspects of the situation rather be optimistic and grateful for the opportunity you came across with. Never spoil your association with the hiring manager as you need to keep doors for future open.

Keep these points in mind and you will be able to write a formal withdrawal from consideration mail or phone call for the job you have applied.