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Sample Response Letter (Email Reply) to Interview Call Invitation

If you have received an interview call invitation then you must reply to it without wasting any time. If you are unable to figure out how to write a response email for interview call then we bring you the interview call letter reply example which will help you write your own reply letter for interview call.

This post includes a formal format for Response Letter to Interview Call Invitation. Feel free to use this Template for interview invitation email reply to draft a quick letter that fits well in your situation.

Response Letter to Interview Call Invitation

Dear Mr. Smith,

I would like to thank you for evaluating my application for the post of Marketing Executive at Zenith Technologies and the invitation to attend the interview in the coming week.

I am writing this letter to confirm my presence for the same on March 30th, 2023 at 10 am at your zonal office at City Centre. I will be carrying all the documents mentioned in the invitation letter.

Looking forward for the meeting.

Thanking you.


Andrew Ray

Template for interview invitation Email reply

Dear Mr. Black,

Thank you for considering my job application for the profile of HR Executive at Wellness Hotels Ltd. I am writing this letter to thank you for the invitation for the interview and I confirm that I will be present for the interview on March 12th, 2023 at 11 am at Wellness Hotel, New York.

I will also be carrying all the documents that you have mentioned of in the invitation letter.

I will be looking forward for the meeting.


Amy Robinson

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Thank you Letter for Second/2nd Job Interview Invitation

Second interview is a step closer to your dream job and therefore, you must make the most of this opportunity. If you have received a call for second job interview then you must send a thank you letter for 2nd job interview. Be thankful for the opportunity in a formal way by writing a thank you letter for job interview invitation to HR or concerned person.

This post includes a thank you letter sample for a second interview. You can use this second job interview invitation letter sample to create a customized thank you letter for second job interview in a proficient manner.

Sample Thank you Letter for 2nd Round Job Interview Invitation


Bob Smith

42, Lakeside Apartments

New York

Date: August 16th, 2021


The HR Manager

Zenith Technologies

New York

Sub: Interview for the profile of Senior Marketing Executive

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to thank you for inviting me for the second round of interview for the profile of Senior Marketing Executive. I am extremely thankful to you for providing me with another opportunity to discuss the profile. I understand that the interview has been scheduled on August 20th, 2021 at 10 am at the New York branch and I would like to confirm that I will be there for the interview at the scheduled time.

I am looking forward for the interview as I am keen on joining a reputed company like yours and shoulder the roles and responsibilities with the best of the abilities that this job profile demands. I ensure that I will be putting in the best of the efforts in contributing towards the growth and success of the company.

Thanking you once again for giving me this opportunity.


Bob Smith

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10 Things To Keep Out of An Interview Thank You Letter

Once you are done with a job interview, it is time to send a formal Thank You email or letter. But you can actually hamper your performance if you include certain things in your letter which should be avoided. This post brings to you a list of 10 things which should never be included in an interview letter.

Do Not Just Be Appreciating

It is important that you write a few lines of appreciation in your letter but do not just leave it like that. You are suppose to be expressing your strong interest in the job and you must also talk about the reasons which make it a perfect choice for you.

Do Not Talk Anything About Salary

A Thank You Letter after interview must not include any mention of salary. You are not suppose to be discussing the salary until and unless some offer has been made to you. Moreover, this is just not the right time to do that. Be patient and wait for the negotiations to start and do not bring them in this note.

Do Not Apologize or Give Reasons For What Went Wrong

If you feel that you committed some mistake in your interview then do not draw attention of the interviewer on it by stating them in your letter. Any kind of apologies or reasons would sound like clarifications which are not needed. Your letter must sound positive in every sense and must highlight your positive qualities.

Do Not Pose Any Query That Questions Job Suitability

This letter need not include anything unnecessary. You need to be very cautious while framing such a letter and you need to make sure that you don’t end up asking any such questions that give the employer a doubt if you are suitable for job. Avoid giving a feel that you like the company but the job doesn’t interest you or that you are interested to know if there are any other openings in the company.

Do Not Keep it Same For All

It is important that you change the contents of your letter as per the employer to whom you are sending it. Copy pasting the same letter to all is not the right thing to do. Every letter has to be personalized and this is one thing which can help you have a stronger impression.

Do Not Be Aggressive In Your Letter

Sometimes we end up being very aggressive in our thank you letter by writing I will call to check on the status of the candidacy. This is just not the right way of putting up things. Wait for the response of the employer and let him suggest you what needs to be done to know the status.

Do Not Make Exaggerated Statements

It is important to include a positive statement which can support your comments but never end up writing something that is making unnecessary claims. Rather you should make sure that you make a positive statement along with a convincing background which can support what you are saying in a positive way.

Do Not Mention References, Until Asked For

Thank You letter must not include references in it. You should only submit the list of references when you are asked for it. So just wait and let the interviewer ask for the references.

Do Not Include Reimbursement Queries

The purpose of writing a Thank You letter is to express gratitude for the interview that happened along with expressing interest in the job. You must not include queries related with reimbursement in this letter. In case you have any such queries, write a separate letter later. Do not let your Thank You letter become something else. Do not lose your focus from the purpose of the letter.

Do Not Forget to Check From Grammatical Errors

It is extremely important to check your letter for grammatical errors before submitting it. Also ensure that there are no spelling mistakes in it. It should be addressed to the right person. Include the job title and address of the person to whom you are writing.

If you are able to frame a perfect Thank You letter by omitting these mistakes then you can surely increase your chances of getting selected for the job. A perfect letter can help you create a stronger impression. So do not include any of the things mentioned above and you will nothing to worry about.


Thank You Letter from Supervisor to Employee
Supervisor is the person who knows the best about the performance of the employee. But it is not an easy job to gauge the performance. Supervisor has to be very smart at measuring the performance.

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Sample Interview Call Letter in Doc Format

                                                      Interview Call Letter

November 30 2013

<Name of the candidate>

Dear Mr./Ms.______,

This is in reference to your application regarding your interest for employment with our company. We highly appreciate your initiative.

Hence, we would like to meet you personally for a discussion on (date and time) at (venue). We hope the time and venue is suitable to you. But in case, if you are not, we request you to get in touch with (the person in charge) and inform the date and time according to your convenience.

The company shall fully reimburse your expenses for this meeting. You will be entitled to 2nd class A.C. to and fro train fare / Y class airfare.

We have also enclosed the company application form and request you to fill it up and bring it along. The form will facilitate the interview process.

We request you to confirm to us your availability for this meeting either by fax (fax number) or via phone (phone number). Kindly ask for Mr. (the person in charge) who will be your coordinator through the whole process.

Looking forward into hearing from you soon,

Kind Regards,

<Name of the Manager>

Kindly check my other post on Walk in interview Process.

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Business/HR Letters Format

Here some good formats of Business as well as HR Letter.

1) Offer Letter Format

2) Increment Letter Format

3) Promotion Letter Format

4) Interview Call Letter Format

5) Salary Certificate Format

6) Relieving Letter Format

7) Experience Letter Format

8 ) Warning Letter Format

9) Appraisal Letter Format

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