Sample Request Letter for Permission to Interview

Request Letter for Permission to Interview

Whenever you are planning to interview some personality then the official way of going about it is seeking permission to interview by writing a formal request letter. Such a letter should contain the reason for which you wish to interview the person, the estimated time for which you need to interview him and the number of questions you have to ask. This makes your request letter complete and informative leaving no room for any kind of doubt.

So refer to the sample given below and create a personalized letter seeking permission to interview in a professional way.

Sample Request Letter for Permission to Interview

Samantha Brown

123 52nd Park Street


Ph: 1234-56789

Email: [email protected]

Date: 02.02.15

Robert Wills


National Food Association

B 15 6th Block
Jackson Street

Dear Mr. Wills,

I am a student pursuing a three year course in Food & Nutrition at Manchester University. I received your name from my professor Dr. Richard Thomson and I would be really very thankful if I could meet with you in person.

I would like to interview you in person. Please let me know that if you are available during the first week of March, 2015 so that I can make arrangements for the interview accordingly. I have a set of approximately eight questions to ask which will roughly take 30-40 minutes of your precious time. I highly appreciate for considering my request.

I shall call you on 05.02.15 to find out if you are available on the duration mentioned above or you may leave a message for on the contact information mentioned above.

Thanking in anticipation. I am looking forward to meet with you.

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