Walk in Interview Process

HR Business Tutorial Guide on Walk in Interview Procedure, Definition, Types & Perquisites of Walk in interview.


Walk in interview

A walk-in interview is a job screening process that is conducted by big shot companies without prior appointments or scheduled meetings. You only need to reach the venue at the given time and be interviewed on spot. These interviews are normally relatively short.

There are two types Walk in Interview which are discussed as follows:

1. Sharp

During Sharp Walk in interview a particular time, date and venue is decided on which the interview process starts.

Therefore, if the interview says, 10.00 am sharp, it will start at 10.00 am sharp.

2. From to

In From to Walk in interview, specific duration of time slot is decided. Interview process is conducted within the mentioned time. Say from 10.00-6.00pm.

Walk in interview (the Sharp Procedure)


Preparation for a Walk in interview

  1. Fix a convenient Date, Time and Venue f or the Interview process
  2. Check if your Panel Members are available on the fixed date.
  3. Make sure you gather all the required Equipments from Admin Department (Projector, Stationary) well in advance.
  4. Conduct Mass Mailing& Job posting. The Mass mail template should explain in detail the following:
  • Company details
  • Job Details like Job Description, Experience, and Location etc.
  • Interview details like Rounds of interview, Day, Date, time Venue & Point of Contact
  • Documents you will require like Photos, Certificates etc.
  1. Get ready with the Company Presentation.
  2. Prepare in advance the Interview Assessment Sheets.
  3. Prepare question sheets for written test.

Preparation for the Actual interview Process

  • A Presentation is normally set for candidates when they reach the venue in the mentioned Sharp time.
  • The presentation normally includes Introduction of the Person, Company profile (Objective, Vision, Mission, Projects, and Achievements) in brief & Job Profile
  • A Written test is conducted after the presentation session. This is normally done when there is a heavy influx of Candidates and it is not possible to conduct verbal interview.
  • Technical round is conducted by the Technical Team for candidates who could clear the written test.
  • The next in line is the HR round.
  • It is only after been qualified in the HR round, candidates are handed over the offered Letters.
  1. Offer letters are dispatched on the same day or on the next day. The concern company normally decides on this criterion.