The goals of Salary System

The goals of wage (salary) system

1. Introduction about salary system:

Wage rate is used mainly to attract good employees that are suitable for the work in the organization, to keep and motivate them to do their best at work. When reaching a decision of wage rate, there are some goals that need to be considered simultaneously.

2. Goals of salary system:

a> Wage system has to be legal: the wage payment system of the organization has to be based on terms of regional rules.

b> Wage system has to be satisfactory: it has to be “big” enough to attract good employees to work for and to keep them stay with the organization.

c> Wage system has to be employee – motivated. It should create motivation and encourage employees to have high and effective performance.

d> Wage system has to fair: if this system is not fair, it will kill the working motivation. Payments both inside and outside the organization need to be fair.

e> Wage system has to be ensured: this means that it make the employees feel their monthly incomes are guaranteed and they can know and guess them.

f> Wage system has to be effective and productive: it is required that the organization needs to manage the wage system effectively and has supportive financial funds to ensure that the system can be maintained for a long time.

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