Importance of Social Media in Recruitment Process

Importance of Social Media in Recruitment Process

Gone are the days when the recruitment process used to be a severely tedious job. With the heavy influx of social media sites today, it has become an integral part of recruitment in most companies. Various recruiting software providers are seen building applicant tracking and assessment processes around social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. All the HR department needs to do is to post openings on these sites. It helps them generate valuable leads in form of potential candidates and make their task all the more easier. New age technology has helped social media circles to widen its talent pool and get better outsourcing.

Plus in the social media platform, the wider spectrum of passive candidates can be reached out with better dimension and better result.

Statistical Analysis of Social Media in Recruitment Process

On a closer analysis of the statistical data in the recruitment process we came across the following facts and figures:

ü  92% of companies are seen using Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for recruitment

ü  45% of the firms include links to social media on their website

ü  93% of the companies favor LinkedIn

ü  66% of the companies favor Facebook

ü  54% of the companies favor Twitter

ü  73% of the companies have successfully hired through social profiles

ü  1/3rd gets rejected because of something disturbing found in their social profiles

Effective Tips to help in the Recruitment Process

Here are a few tips to help you out in the recruitment process upon considering social media as a platform in this aspect.

1. Know where you will be able to find your target group. Browse large social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook where you will get active users of these sites. On the other hand, industry-focused sites offer smaller but a focused audience base.

2. Update your status with information about new openings at your firm.  It costs nothing but you can gain immensely as status is visible to your entire network.

3. Be courteous and professional and treat others the same way. Do not only just post jobs, rather make an effort to attract people in your area of expertise.

4. The trick behind the success of these social media platform is the reach. Hence grow your network in such a way that it yields maximum benefit.

5. Social Media is a two way venture. If you are looking out for candidates, they are looking out for you too. Hence, always keep your Facebook, and LinkedIn pages updated with provisions for better view of your company.


Hence, it can be concluded that social media platforms help a lot in internal knowledge sharing thereby helping you land on the right and desirable candidate for you organization. This internal capacity, in the process helps you establish a brand name for yourself in the market leading to social capital is the bigger picture.