Effective Use of Social Media To Hire Talent For Your Company

Effective Use of Social Media To Hire Talent For Your Company


The social media network has become a major part of our day to day lives today. Media sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin and more are the players of hiring world today. Recruiters use these websites to fill in their positions today.

Linkedin is awesome in this regard. Professionals who do not prefer to post their resume on job portals like naukri.com, monster.com, timesjob.com find linkedin to be a safer. Recruiters simply search and connect with these professionals with their existing connections, and bang! They get what they want!

Let us discuss about the effectiveness of these social media sites on hiring talents for a company today:

Advertize for open positions in your company on Social media

Here are few tips:

Tip 1: Majority of social media websites put restrictions on the number of words to be displayed. This is because no one will like to see a lengthy post. Also put up one job opening at one time. This will help people sort openings according to their likings.

Tip 2: Since it is not possible to give complete information about your job opening, due to the word limit, you may hyperlink your company’s site or the webpage where the job seeker may look for more details. But, it case you do not have a website, mention the required information in the post itself, but short and precise.

Tip 3: Use simple and plain English. Clearly mention what is required of the applicant to avoid confusion.

Tip 4: Use friend connections to spread your post. This way it reaches out to more people.

Tip 5: Details like email id or contact number is most important of all for candidates to approach you.

Tip 6: What happens in social media is that your post can be viewed by your friends or connections only. Therefore, make efforts to like or share the post to relevant wall.

Tip 7: You may also post your job opening on various groups. This way you can reach out to more seekers.

Make connections with positive potentialities

It is one of the most effective ways to increase your chances to reach out to potential candidates. With people from your domain in your connection list you are open to contact them whenever needed. Do not break the interactive flow with these connections. This is important because most senior professionals do not prefer to express themselves due to lack of communication. Interaction for that matter increases the chance of openness.

Promote the brand name of your organization

Job seekers are sensitive about the kind of company they are joining. Many a times they do not hesitate to go for background research like inquiring about the company, its work culture from existing employees. Understanding this demand, many job portals today provide options to candidates like links to the employees of the applied company through various social media.

Thus social media plays a very important role in helping organizations built their brand image. Most companies dedicate a corporate communication team entirely for brand image.  One such social media integrated version is the shine.com.

Paid version of social media

There are various social media out there who provide paid hiring solutions. It is seen that job portal database are nearly worn out and recruiters are in desperate need of alternative solutions. One such is provided by the social media. Examples will be linkedin hiring solutions.

Whatever might it be, job portals are still not losing their grip in this field. But social media is rising as a miracle too, especially on the senior level hiring.

Do share with us your experience as a recruiter in the field of social media. Your contribution will be highly appreciated.