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How to use Social Media to Get a Job

How to use Social Media to get a Job in India.

Job hunting can be immensely tedious at times. Spending countless hours making personalized cover letters that no one actually goes through and then anticipating call for the next round becomes too frustrating at times. But with the impact of new media, the job climate over the past few years have changed drastically. Almost everything is conducted online today and as such your online portfolio has become as important as your resume today. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are a few of the platforms where hiring get processed. Recruiters use these social media for apparently checking for grammar and spelling to check the credibility of the job seekers.

Below are the top social networking sites that have been functioning actively in recent times:


Recent studies showed that almost around 93% of recruiters use LinkedIn. An entire suite of the site has been dedicated to recruiting solutions. LinkedIn Recruiter contact candidates directly and hence allow recruiters to reach passive candidates as well.

When it comes to connecting in LinkedIn, since it provides networking opportunities, it is always okay to connect with strangers. The site also has jobs board that actively highlight available opportunities. It has provisions for recommendations and endorsements to boost up the likability of your page.


Twitter is all about playing with 140 characters or less at your advantage. This networking site has provisions to store job applications and professional networking pages for a wider reach. In tweeter you need to tweet often to get into touch with like-minded folks in your profession.

In the search bar, type ‘jobs’ and click on ‘People’ on the left-hand side. This way you can find all the Twitter accounts with ‘jobs’ in the username. Browse through and click ‘follow’ to remain updated.


Facebook is another mostly used platform by recruiters to land on potential job seekers. It has been estimated that one of every four recruiters finds candidate on Facebook.

The ‘like’ option helps you stay connected to recruiters. ‘Stay updated’ keep your work and education info up to date that helps creates a positive impact on your current position and past experience. ‘Professional Skills’ help optimize your professional appeal.


Pinterest is not all about wedding inspiration and delicious recipes. With the Pinterest board you may ‘Pin’ your resume to highlight the major aspects of your experience along with sharing photos and links. With the ‘Follow these pages’ option you are exposed to numerous tips and job opportunities.


Tumblr uses GIFs and rabid fandoms to help you connect with the right employer. Search for terms like ‘hiring’ and ‘jobs’ and you will end up with plethora of options for you to choose from.

With Tumblr you get an opportunity to accustom your interests with original content. These appeals a lot to your potential employers and you get better exposure.

No matter how far you excel in getting connections on social networking sites, simply asking someone to meet over coffee widen the horizon even more. Sharing ideas with someone you respect and consider to be your role model will act as an icebreaker in your career endeavors.

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