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How to Get A Job in HR Without Any HR Experience

If you don’t have any experience then finding the right job can be a little challenging. If you are looking for an HR job then it is certainly not easy to find HR jobs without experience as there are many HR graduates in the market that are going to give you a tough competition. But you can find a suitable job if you know the right way to go about it. In fact, you can get into Human Resources without an HR degree if you know the right way.

In this post, we have come up with the steps that can help you get into the human resource without HR experience.

How to Get into Human Resources without an HR Experience

Here are some guidelines to follow if you wish to get into the HR field:

Learn About PT, Minimum Wages etc.

It is extremely important o be aware of the labor laws and stay updated with the amendments. Make sure that you know about the minimum state wages, ESIC rates, PF, LWF, PT etc. You must also have knowledge of bonus, gratuity payments, performance appraisal etc.

Learn to Prepare Salary Statement

Making a salary statement is one of the most important roles of HR professionals and therefore, you must know how to go about it. This also includes knowing different components associated with salary that include DA, HRA, earnings, gross salary, net salary etc.

Learn About Pay Slips

If you wish to get a job as an HR then you must also know about the pay slips and for that you must start observing the pay slips of people around you. Notice what all components are included in it and what all deductions are made.

Follow HR Related Blogs

Widen your horizon by reading blogs related with HR field as they form an important and useful source of information about the various HR roles, functions and working.

Work on Your Communication Skills

You must improve your oral as well as written communication skills as they are extremely important for an HR personnel as you will be required to draft all kind of emails and communicate with all the employees of different levels.

Join Online Webinars

You can also participate in different online webinars and classes that are helpful in learning HR related skills for better understanding of the field.

Work on Computer Know How

MS Office is one of the most important computer skill that you must know which must include MS Excel and MS Word in order to manage the day to day working as an HR. It is important to know the different formula and shortcuts to make the job easier.

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5 Strategies to Keep the Job on Being Hired

It is seriously not easy to find a job as per your liking and once you are hired, it doesn’t mean that the battle is over. Being hired for a job doesn’t come with a guarantee and therefore you have to make sure that once you are onboard you work with the best of your abilities and commitment so that you don’t give the employer a chance to fire you.

To make sure that you are able to stay on your new job, here are the 5 strategies which can help you survive the crucial times and also assist you in creating job security.

  1. Understand the Job and Expectations of Employer

The first and foremost thing is to know about the position you have joined. It is mandatory for you to know what roles and responsibilities it brings along or what duties come under your profile. This is essential so that you know what is expected of you and you are able to deliver the same without any confusion.

In order to have clarity about your profile, make sure that you have gone through the job description. Not every company gives a written job description but to avoid miscommunication. Once you have everything in written, you are well aware of what the employer expects from you.

  1. Connect and Interact with Right People

When you are new at work, you need people who can guide you right, help you with understanding the process so that you can settle down in a smooth manner. It is very important for you to spot the right set of people who can help you deal with the initial phase. Connect with your supervisor or senior manager for guidance. Interact with your co-workers and understand how your job relates with their work. Ask for tips from your predecessors. The idea is to expand your knowledge to know more about the business in order to deliver better.

  1. Always Work on Polishing Your Skills

You need to stay ahead of the competition in order to survive it. You need to prove to your company that you are most valuable asset to them so that they can never afford to lose you. To be able to do that you must keep polishing your skills and expanding them on gradual basis so that you are able to offer the best of your services to the organization.

Enroll for a course, join some training program, go for seminars to push your boundaries and keep adding new skills to it. Sky is the limit for someone who is passionate about learning. So impress your employer with your ever expanding skills.

  1. Keep Asking For Feedback on Your Performance

It is important to know where you stand. Waiting for an annual review on your performance is not the right thing to do as it gives you no time to improve on your weak areas and alter your mistakes. When you have completed a couple of weeks in your new company, go to your supervisor to ask for his feedback on your performance. If he is able to highlight some weak areas, seek guidance on improving them. This will not only help you correct yourself but will also show your proactive approach to deal with your work.

Keep comparing yourself with your co-workers from time to time. This is another way of learning good things and letting go the bad ones.

  1. Be Interactive and Socialize

When you are working in a company, it is important for you to socialize and interact with people. You will find all kinds of people at work. Some of them will be engaged in bulling others, some love to gossip, some don’t want to work. You must learn to deal with all kinds of personalities in order to have comfortable relationships with all. It is not good to stay disconnected with others. It is important to socialize and talk to others in order to have a cordial working environment.

Use these 5 strategies to keep your job once you are hired.

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Some Highest Paying Industries for Job of Financial Manager

Finance is the most important department in every industry and business. You just cannot image your working without it. Hence, the profile of financial manager becomes really very important. He is one person whose presence in every industry is must in order to record, maintain and manage the flow of money along with creating plans to achieve short term and long term financial goals with effectiveness. There is great demand for experienced and professionally qualified financial managers in the market. But some of the industries which are the highest pay masters to these personnel have been mentioned in this article. Let us know for which industries financial manager is an important profile.

Management of an Organization

No matter how small or big is your company; a financial manager is someone you cannot afford to miss from your list of managers. He is the one who is responsible for managing all the profits, losses and money flow in your firm. It is the subjective choice of a company that what it wants to call the financial manager. Some call him a controller and some a treasurer but the essence remains the same. They are not just responsible for managing the money but sometimes the onus of finding new sources for funds also lies on their shoulders. Hence, they play a big role forming the backbone of many enterprises to help them manage their monetary funds.

Insurance and Finance Companies

Finance and insurance companies absorb the highest number of financial managers and of course they also pay them handsome salaries because their job involves managing lots of money that comes with breathtaking financial risk. These experts have to stay aware about the market and its trends and act according to the changes in the world of economics. It is also important that they should be able to anticipate and predict these changes with precision so that proactive actions can be taken. Hence, the importance of this job profile is highest in these two industries as a financial manager is the main planner.

Manufacturing Industries

The role of a financial manager in a manufacturing industry is diverse. He has to look into every aspect of production to make sure that the company gets benefited by making the optimum utilization of resources. For instance, he finds new machinery for making the production process a lot faster and smoother so that the company is able to have effortless manufacturing with greater returns. He is also the one who would ensure that at every stage, the company is saving its operating costs so that it can have the best money management.


Government is always in need of financial managers. Be it a federal, state or central government; at every level the roles, responsibilities and importance of this profile is valuable. This is so because government needs to manage its financial collections and allocate them into different sectors by designing a budget plan and then execute that plan as per the budget. From generating funds to allocating funds, there is so much of planning, organizing and execution involved which can only be managed by professional financial managers who understand each and every aspect of taxation, money generation and allocation to make the best use of public money and accomplish more and more targets with effectiveness.

Other Industries

Financial Managers are also needed by various professional institutions, scientific bodies and technical organizations in order to provide some kind of directions and education in accounting, book-keeping and various related financial aspects. The whole and sole purpose to have an expert is to have someone who can provide his expert suggestions and advices on how to generate revenue and how to stay in synchronization with the economic changes. These industries can hire them on part-time or full-time basis depending upon their need and these professionals provide their thoughtful recommendations on different financial needs.

These are some of the industries which are known to be the highest paying industries as to them financial manager is the most important profile as they have to take important decisions concerning financial matters which have great influence on the working and growth.

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Best Jobs for People with an Accounting Degree

If you have an Accounting Degree and you are not sure of which jobs to apply for then this article can be of great help for you. The focus of this article is on the list of best jobs for the people who have a degree in accounts. You need to understand that with this kind of a degree, you have two major options- either to be placed with the accounting department of some company or simply get placed with a tax firm.

This article will talk about all sorts of job profiles which are good options for those who have an accounting degree.

  1. Having a Job With Accounting Department

Every company has an accounting department, the size of which depends upon the size of the company. Hence, there are various job opportunities for people with an accounting degree depending upon their experience and academic achievements. Not to forget that even if you begin from the lowest profile, you have all the room to gain experience and rise high up on the ladder with your performance. Some of the jobs which are offered by accounting department to candidates with accounting degree include the following:

  • Accounting Intern
  • Accounting Analyst I-IV
  • Auditor
  • Controller
  • Accounting Associate
  • Junior Accounting Associate
  • Senior Accounting Associate
  • Accounting Manager
  • Assistant Accounting Manager
  • Budget Analyst
  • Accounting Supervisor
  • Asset Manager
  • Accounting Clerk
  • Projects and Fixed Assets Accounting Analyst
  • Director of Accounting
  1. Having a Job With a Taxation Company

Tax firms offer their technical and professional services to companies with different kinds of companies of varied sizes. They handle all sorts of taxation issues for the business along with personal taxation requirements of individuals. When you join such a company, the basic job profile that you are offered with a degree in accounting includes the job of a tax accounting clerk. This profile is responsible for helping people and business manage and control their taxes with the finest details. You are also required to keep a close watch on different day to day transactions thereby ensuring that the company or the person has completed all the necessary paperwork. When it is time to file income tax returns, you will have to assist with all sorts of preparations for filing the return and serving them with advices so that they can reduces their risks during audit.

  1. Job of Cost Estimator

You can also apply for the job of cost estimator with the degree in accounting. He is one person who generally works for residential contractors, commercial contractors, building equipment contractors and all sorts of similar contractors. When you are new in the industry, you can begin as a junior estimator and then rise up to the position of chief estimator with time and experience. At this profile, you will be responsible for deriving different costs that go into construction thereby helping the company manage its resources in the optimum way. There is a high demand of professional and learned cost estimators in the industry who can use the accounting principles in creating the best estimation.

  1. Financial Analyst

Another profile that you can apply for with a degree in accounting is the profile of financial analyst. The roles and responsibilities of this job include researching and analyzing the present market trends and using different principles and models to make predictions about the future market to help investors invest their money in the right deals which involve maximum gains and minimum risk. This is an amazing profile where you have to play with numbers and make predictions by studying the present trends and probable future trends.

  1. Profile of Accountant

Every company needs an accountant to manage its daily and yearly accounts so that there are no taxation and audit issues involved. Hence, there is always a high demand of different kinds of accountants. There are different profiles under this head which can be really good options for you.

  • Internal Auditor
  • External Auditor
  • Staff Accountant
  • Compliance Executive
  • Financial Analyst

Now you have a list of options which are really very fruitful with the kind of degree you possess. Choose from any of these profiles and start applying for different kinds of jobs depending upon your choice and preference.

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10 Popular Jobs for Computer Science Graduates

With the never ending boom in the field of technology, computer science will always be one of the hottest career options for the youth. It offers wonderful opportunities to those who are creative, experimenting and are ready to accept challenges.

If you are also planning to make a career in Computer Science then make sure that you are clear about different career paths offered by this stream so that you don’t make a wrong choice or feel lost after a certain time. Have a look at this amazing article which brings a compilation of 10 most popular jobs for computer science graduates. This will surely help you take the right decision.

  1. Big Data Analytics

If you are looking for a brighter and more promising future then big data analytics is the profile you must consider. It is predicted that in the coming five to ten years, this field is going to rule the market. It comes with plethora of opportunities that give you wonderful chances to make the most out of your career. Basically, this deals with statistics and math which work together to give wonderful results. The people who are at the position of PHD level in math are considered to be the best choice of candidates. They are the ones who can blend computers and math beautifully.

  1. Health-care IT Professional

There is no doubt on the importance of IT when it comes to health care. Everyone wishes to have a good job in this industry and when you are a graduate from computer science then you always have amazing chances of finding one in the sector. There has been an enthralling increase in IT related services healthcare and it is predicted that the similar trend will stay for some more years. This is so because healthcare industry is undergoing technological boom and more and more IT experts are needed to manage this change. It is surely very easy to find a job in this sector and future for computer science seems very promising.

  1. Computer Hardware Engineer

A computer hardware engineer needs to be a person who has fair knowledge of designing computer components along with a combination of creativity and technical expertise. They need to stay in sync with the changing trends and recent developments so that they are able to match up the hardware with the software and create a perfect combination of both.

  1. Software Architecture and Development

Software architecture and development is one of the best options for the computer science graduates. This is one field which always looks for talented and innovative minds who have the potential to come up with something new and stylish to make life easier and smoother. For all the bright computer science graduates, this is one field which is always welcoming. Almost everyone is able to find a great job. Hence, one must select this as his career path for a safe and sound career. People with experience in this field find it so easy to get a job in any other field.

  1. Mobile Application Development

The growth of mobile and smartphones has impressed everyone. And it is predicted that in the next decade, the mobile application development branch of computer science will be the fastest to grow compared to all other fields. There is expected to be a wonderful hike in the amount of jobs that will be generated in this stream. Companies are looking for highly innovative and talented brains who have the power to create something challenging and mind blowing.

  1. Video Game Design

Video games have come a long way. From the ones that we used to play on TV to the ones we play on play stations and mobile phones. This is one field which absorbs computer science graduates in big numbers as they are always in need of people who have the talent and skill to come up with something creative. And it is expected that with passage of time, this number is going to grow. So if you are also a video games fan then being a computer science graduate becomes highly favorable to you.

  1. Website Developer

Web development is one thing which will always be high demand as every business, big or small, longs to have a website in the era of technology when the globe has become so small. Hence, web developers will always be in great demand for creating customized mobile friendly websites along with web applications to help the business run in a smooth way. For websites that are already functional, businesses need web developers to update them, redesign them from time to time. There are various companies involved in web development and designing at large scale. You can find a good job with one such company or you can work as a freelancer.

  1. Software Developer

Software is the prime need of every business in the present scenario. From already time tested software to customized ones, there is a great variety of stuff every business needs for comfortable day to day working. Not only this, in fact government departments also require custom made software to manage the working. This is another very lucrative and promising field for computer science graduates where they can find alluring opportunities.

  1. Database Administrator

The database administrator is one person who has complete accountability and responsibility for retaining and improving databases managed by big companies or communities. He is suppose to manage and supervise different aspects of database growth. He is the one who is responsible for keeping it up to date by deleting old information and imbibing the new one.

  1. Computer Systems Analyst

For all those who love to work in teams then computer systems analyst is an amazing job for them. In this profile, a person needs to have the skills of setting up new systems and he must also know the style of integrating the new software applications. He should have the knowledge of maintaining the hardware that supports the computer system.

These are the top 10 most popular jobs for computer science graduates that can really be very interesting and financially lucrative.

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