How to Get A Job in HR Without Any HR Experience

HR Jobs Without Any Experience, Entry Level Human Resources jobs

If you don’t have any experience then finding the right job can be a little challenging. If you are looking for an HR job then it is certainly not easy to find HR jobs without experience as there are many HR graduates in the market that are going to give you a tough competition. But you can find a suitable job if you know the right way to go about it. In fact, you can get into Human Resources without an HR degree if you know the right way.

In this post, we have come up with the steps that can help you get into the human resource without HR experience.

How to Get into Human Resources without an HR Experience

Here are some guidelines to follow if you wish to get into the HR field:

Learn About PT, Minimum Wages etc.

It is extremely important o be aware of the labor laws and stay updated with the amendments. Make sure that you know about the minimum state wages, ESIC rates, PF, LWF, PT etc. You must also have knowledge of bonus, gratuity payments, performance appraisal etc.

Learn to Prepare Salary Statement

Making a salary statement is one of the most important roles of HR professionals and therefore, you must know how to go about it. This also includes knowing different components associated with salary that include DA, HRA, earnings, gross salary, net salary etc.

Learn About Pay Slips

If you wish to get a job as an HR then you must also know about the pay slips and for that you must start observing the pay slips of people around you. Notice what all components are included in it and what all deductions are made.

Follow HR Related Blogs

Widen your horizon by reading blogs related with HR field as they form an important and useful source of information about the various HR roles, functions and working.

Work on Your Communication Skills

You must improve your oral as well as written communication skills as they are extremely important for an HR personnel as you will be required to draft all kind of emails and communicate with all the employees of different levels.

Join Online Webinars

You can also participate in different online webinars and classes that are helpful in learning HR related skills for better understanding of the field.

Work on Computer Know How

MS Office is one of the most important computer skill that you must know which must include MS Excel and MS Word in order to manage the day to day working as an HR. It is important to know the different formula and shortcuts to make the job easier.

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