10 Popular Jobs for Computer Science Graduates

Jobs for Computer Science Graduates

With the never ending boom in the field of technology, computer science will always be one of the hottest career options for the youth. It offers wonderful opportunities to those who are creative, experimenting and are ready to accept challenges.

If you are also planning to make a career in Computer Science then make sure that you are clear about different career paths offered by this stream so that you don’t make a wrong choice or feel lost after a certain time. Have a look at this amazing article which brings a compilation of 10 most popular jobs for computer science graduates. This will surely help you take the right decision.

  1. Big Data Analytics

If you are looking for a brighter and more promising future then big data analytics is the profile you must consider. It is predicted that in the coming five to ten years, this field is going to rule the market. It comes with plethora of opportunities that give you wonderful chances to make the most out of your career. Basically, this deals with statistics and math which work together to give wonderful results. The people who are at the position of PHD level in math are considered to be the best choice of candidates. They are the ones who can blend computers and math beautifully.

  1. Health-care IT Professional

There is no doubt on the importance of IT when it comes to health care. Everyone wishes to have a good job in this industry and when you are a graduate from computer science then you always have amazing chances of finding one in the sector. There has been an enthralling increase in IT related services healthcare and it is predicted that the similar trend will stay for some more years. This is so because healthcare industry is undergoing technological boom and more and more IT experts are needed to manage this change. It is surely very easy to find a job in this sector and future for computer science seems very promising.

  1. Computer Hardware Engineer

A computer hardware engineer needs to be a person who has fair knowledge of designing computer components along with a combination of creativity and technical expertise. They need to stay in sync with the changing trends and recent developments so that they are able to match up the hardware with the software and create a perfect combination of both.

  1. Software Architecture and Development

Software architecture and development is one of the best options for the computer science graduates. This is one field which always looks for talented and innovative minds who have the potential to come up with something new and stylish to make life easier and smoother. For all the bright computer science graduates, this is one field which is always welcoming. Almost everyone is able to find a great job. Hence, one must select this as his career path for a safe and sound career. People with experience in this field find it so easy to get a job in any other field.

  1. Mobile Application Development

The growth of mobile and smartphones has impressed everyone. And it is predicted that in the next decade, the mobile application development branch of computer science will be the fastest to grow compared to all other fields. There is expected to be a wonderful hike in the amount of jobs that will be generated in this stream. Companies are looking for highly innovative and talented brains who have the power to create something challenging and mind blowing.

  1. Video Game Design

Video games have come a long way. From the ones that we used to play on TV to the ones we play on play stations and mobile phones. This is one field which absorbs computer science graduates in big numbers as they are always in need of people who have the talent and skill to come up with something creative. And it is expected that with passage of time, this number is going to grow. So if you are also a video games fan then being a computer science graduate becomes highly favorable to you.

  1. Website Developer

Web development is one thing which will always be high demand as every business, big or small, longs to have a website in the era of technology when the globe has become so small. Hence, web developers will always be in great demand for creating customized mobile friendly websites along with web applications to help the business run in a smooth way. For websites that are already functional, businesses need web developers to update them, redesign them from time to time. There are various companies involved in web development and designing at large scale. You can find a good job with one such company or you can work as a freelancer.

  1. Software Developer

Software is the prime need of every business in the present scenario. From already time tested software to customized ones, there is a great variety of stuff every business needs for comfortable day to day working. Not only this, in fact government departments also require custom made software to manage the working. This is another very lucrative and promising field for computer science graduates where they can find alluring opportunities.

  1. Database Administrator

The database administrator is one person who has complete accountability and responsibility for retaining and improving databases managed by big companies or communities. He is suppose to manage and supervise different aspects of database growth. He is the one who is responsible for keeping it up to date by deleting old information and imbibing the new one.

  1. Computer Systems Analyst

For all those who love to work in teams then computer systems analyst is an amazing job for them. In this profile, a person needs to have the skills of setting up new systems and he must also know the style of integrating the new software applications. He should have the knowledge of maintaining the hardware that supports the computer system.

These are the top 10 most popular jobs for computer science graduates that can really be very interesting and financially lucrative.