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Writing a Formal Welcome Letter to New Employee

Whenever there is a new person joining your office, you must make sure that you make him feel comfortable and warm. It all starts with writing a formal welcome letter to the new employee giving him a warm reception on his joining. Such letters have to be very motivating to the new candidate so that he feels all charged up and enthusiastic to begin a new chapter in his career.

Here is a sample of formal welcome letter to new employee which has been shared below for your reference. You can use it for creating a personalized letter with all essential details.

Sample Welcome Letter to New Employee

Ana Simon,

Human Resource Manager
ABC Corporation Ltd.
123, Genuine Street
New York 123 456

Date: 14th December, 2015


Mr. Henry Jack
112, Richmond Apartments
New York 456 123

Dear Mr. Jack,

Welcome aboard!!! We are pleased to have you as a member of our organization. The reason you have been selected for the profile of Marketing Manager is because you possess all the characteristics needed for this job as displayed during the course of interview.

I am very hopeful that you will develop into a wonderful employee and you are going to impress us with your commitment, concern and compassion towards your duties and responsibilities. I hope that you are able to enjoy your work and find it challenging and rewarding.

Wishing you all the best as you are all set to begin a new journey. I expect each day comes with new opportunities that help you grow. I am very much concerned about your growth and development and at any point in time, you feel the need to have my guidance, I am always available to help you. The important traits that are going to help you have a smooth and rewarding working include reliability, dependability, being open, attentiveness, documentation, reporting and follow up etc. By imbibing these qualities and putting them into work, you will surely be successful which indirectly will help the company grow.

Please go through your yearly goals before starting with work to have an understanding of what is expected out of you as a part of our big family. I look forward for your performance in line with the rules of our company and to see you strengthen our relationships with our clients which are valuable to us.


Ana Simon,

Human Resource Manager
ABC Corporation Ltd.

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Welcome Letter for New HR Manager

It is the duty of every organization to welcome its new employees and make them feel comfortable in the new surroundings. Welcome letters are known to serve various purposes and are a formal way of extending warm reception to the new employee. Welcome Letter for New HR Manager serves as an announcement of his arrival in your workplace.

Here is a sample of welcome letter for new HR Manager which welcomes him or her by greeting them. It is a sweet gesture to make them feel comfortable and integrated in the new workplace. Use it for drafting a personalized formal draft as per your need.

Dos and Don’ts of Writing Welcome Letter

  • Should be written as soon as the new candidate joins the company. Do not delay in writing it.
  • Make sure you use right adjectives
  • Keep the tone welcoming, warm and encouraging
  • Make it a comforting letter by using warm tone and language
  • Avoid spelling mistakes, grammatical errors. Proof read it before sending it. Remember, first impression is important.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Do not make it too long.
  • Make sure that you place a copy of the same on staff notice board to inform everyone else.
  • Do include some details of his or her background.

Sample Format of Welcome Letter for New HR Manager


Date: 21st November, 2014

We are extremely glad to welcome Mr. Richard Roberts, who is joining our organization as our new Human Resource Manager. Mr. Richard Roberts will take charge from Ms. Amanda Brown 22nd November, 2014.

Mr. Richard Roberts has an experience of eight years with some of the popular companies. Off late, he was associated with M/s ABC Developers Pvt. Ltd. where he was working on the same profile. He is known to be a dedicated and committed person.

We assure Mr. Richard Roberts of all the support that he would need from our company and staff while settling in the organization. We wish him all the very best in his endeavors.

Management Team

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Welcome Letter Format for New Employee

Sample of Company’s HR Welcome Introduction Letter Format to New Employee in word.


Date: 07 /10/2013

Dear Nishant,

Welcome to the Rocket Sales family.

At Rocket Sales we work like a team getting ready for an important game. We carefully choose the members of the team who would represent us, we give them intensive training, we make them feel comfortable, we get inspiring captains and competent managers to take care of all the aspects. In each of these roles we have some of the best people in the industry, be it our sales Team, our induction and training programs, our Human Resource Policies, our leaders and our back end departments.

Rocket Sales success has largely been due to its fair people practices and I am sure you too will be proud to be with us. We will definitely be proud to have you in our team.

To help us make our records complete and updated so as to serve you better, kindly fill in the enclosed Joining Report and submit the same along with required document to the HR department.

For any clarifications your HR department is just a click or a call or a step away. Drop in for clarifications, guidance or just plain words of wisdom. They love to have you around.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Best Wishes

Kirtika Singh

Human Resources


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Sample Welcome Letters

Uploading a document contains Sample Welcome Letters.

Click Here To Download Welcome Letter

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