Example of Chargesheet for general purpose against employee



To Shri

You are working in the Factory/Office/Establishment as a _____________________ On ___ (please write date ) you were on duty from ____________ to (please write time with lunch break).

(Note : Please describe the incident which is a misconduct with the details such as time, place and actual incident and ensure that all the details of incident should be given in such a way as if the incident can be visualised by the reader. In this regard you are requested to see some of the charge-sheets)

The aforesaid acts and/or omissions amount to misconduct on your part under Model Standing Orders/ Certified Standing Orders / Rules / Regulations as applicable.






You are, hereby, called upon to file your written explanation, as to why action should not be taken against you. An enquiry into the above charges will be held by an enquiry officer (for appointment of enquiry officer please refer the notes.) The date, time, place and name of the enquiry officer will be intimated to you separately.


An enquiry into the above charges will be held by an enquiry officer Shri ___________ on__________ at ___________.

In the said enquiry you will be permitted to appear/ to defend yourself or shall be permitted to be defended by a co-workman working in the same department as yourself in the Factory/ office/ establishment or by any office bearer of the trade union of which you are a member or as per law/ advocate (Please refer the notes as who can be the person to defend the workman/ employee.)

In the enquiry you will be given an opportunity to cross-examine the witnesses on whose evidence the charge rests. You will also be allowed to examine yourself as well as you can examine your witnesses at the time of the enquiry in support of your case. You are required to submit your written explanation within 48 hours on receipt hereof.

Please note that if you fail to attend the enquiry, the enquiry officer may hold the enquiry in absentia. You are suspended pending enquiry with immediate effect and during the suspension period you will be paid suspension allowance as per law. (Please refer the notes regarding payment of suspension allowance.)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Signature of the Competent Authority

Contents read over translated

and explained in language understood by the workman

in presence of:

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