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Application Letter For Leaving Certificate

If you are leaving your college due to any reason, you must write an application letter for leave certificate to the authorities. This application must contain the reason because of which you are leaving the college along with requesting for leaving certificate because to take admission in any other college, leaving certificate is an important requirement.

If you don’t know how to frame such a letter then given below is a format for application letter for leaving certificate which has been designed to help you create a formal personalized draft with all the details.

Sample Application Letter For Leaving Certificate

Mathew Brown

A-42, Park Avenue Street

New York

Date: 13th June, 216


Sheila John
Principal Director

University of ABC


Subject:  Application for College Leaving Certificate.

Dear Sir,

I, Mathew Brown, am a student of Engineering in your college. I would like to inform you that I had applied for admission in Oxford University for studies and by the grace of God, I my application for admission have been accepted along with scholarship. To confirm my admission, I have to leave for London at the earliest. I would like to share with you that I will no longer be able to continue my studies with your esteem college. I was honored to be associated with your prestigious institution and I am sure you will understand that I cannot afford to miss the wonderful chance to study in Oxford that too with scholarship.

I request you to kindly issue me the college leaving certificate at the earliest so that I can move ahead with my admission process.

Thanks for your consideration and time.

Yours sincerely,

Mathew Brown

1st Year, Engineering Department

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Sample Farewell Letter to Employee Leaving Company

At some point in time, every company comes across a moment when some of their employee is leaving the company. Professionally, the company should write a formal farewell letter to the employee who is leaving the company. As the HR manager of your company or as the owner of your firm, you must wish your employee a successful future by writing a farewell letter to him.

Here is a sample farewell letter to employee who is leaving your company. Use this example to write a formal letter to your employee by customizing it as per your need. It is always good to say good bye in a professional way.

Sample farewell letter to employee leaving company

John Smith,

HR Manager

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

52 Richmond Street

New York

Date: 9th November, 2015


Andrew Reynolds

12 Stella Apartments,

St. Anthony’s Street,

New York

Dear John,

It came as a great shock to us when we received your resignation letter stating that you are going to leave ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. at the end of November. However, we are very happy for you are leaving us for good and we are hopeful that this opportunity to relocate to California is going to be helpful for your career.

You have been associated with us for five long years and it was great working with you. You have been a great employee and a wonderful team worker. You have always supported and helped your co-workers and juniors. Your dedication towards the organization has been exceptional. We are surely going to miss your great work and your strong plans which have helped our company grow. You have strongly contributed to the organization by working hard with complete focus.

We wish you all the best for your future endeavors. We hope prosperity and growth for you.


John Smith

HR Manager

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

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Announcement Letter of Leaving Employee

Whenever an employee leaves a company, it is an important moment as someone from your professional family is leaving. In such a situation, as the HR manager of your company or as the owner of your organization, you must write a formal announcement letter informing about the departure of the employee. Such letters are normally divided into two parts. The first part contains the basic details in relation with the departure and the second part expresses the emotions and feelings of the company.

Here is an example of announcement letter of leaving employee which contains the right amount of information which needs to be included in such kind of letters to make them perfect. Use the format sample given below which will help you create a personalized letter with all necessary details.

Sample of Announcement Letter of Leaving Employee

Date: 26.08.15

Sub: Retirement of Ms. Ana Joseph

This is to inform you all that Ms. Ana Joseph will no longer be working with ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. as she is retiring on August 31st, 2015.

It is quite an emotional moment for our company as one of the most important employees of our organization is leaving us. Ms. Ana Joseph has been a wonderful employee. Her contribution to ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. has been just amazing. She is one person with whom the HR department was started and over the span of 13 years, she has put the best of her efforts to bring HR department at par with other departments by planning and managing things so well. She is the one because of which all our employees are so happy and connected with the organization. Let’s hope that she is always available with her useful advice at the time of urgency.

I request you all to congratulate Ms. Ana with me on the beginning of her new innings of her life. The family of ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. is always going to miss you.

We wish you all the best for your future.


Adam Jacob

Managing Director

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Employee Documents Joining to Leaving

Attached please find complete list of documents required at the time new joiner to reliving of employee. These documents might be differ according to company policies.


Employee Documents

(Joining to Leaving)


Employee File Contain(at the time of joining):-

1.      Personal Information form

2.      Copy Of updated CV

3.      copy of offer letter

4.      copy of appointment letter

5.      welcome letter

6.      Confirmation Letter

7.      interview assessment sheet

8.      Education certificate (SSC, HSC/ Diploma, Degree)

9.      experience certificate

10.  Salary certificate

11.  Employee joining report

12.  PAN Number Copy

13.  Passport Copy (if Any)

14.   Physical Fitness Certificate

15.   Photo Id proof

16.  Salary Slip of current employment

17.  PF Forms

18.  ESI form

19.  Employee Superannuation Form

20.  Employee Group Gratuity Form

21.  Group Medical Insurance Policy Proposal Form for Employees

22.  Life Insurance Beneficiary Form

23.  Form 12B – Form for furnishing details of income under section 192(2) {Salary Declaration}

24.  Code of Conduct for Prevention of Insider Trading

25.  Declaration/ Undertaking

26.  Declaration of Dependents

27.  Photographs

28.  Copy of employee ID card ( ID number )

29.  Detail of family members

30.  Nominee detail ( for PF,ESI, Gratuity etc amount )

31.  Mail Communication print outs

32.  Copy of Employee Agreement/Employment letter

33.  Declaration to be bound by staff rules

34.  Declaration of fidelity and secrecy

35.  Salary Slips of last three months from previous employer

36.  Reliving / Resignation Letter

37.  Contact Details incase of emergency

38.  Employment Application along with attested photograph

39.  Form I-9 ( Employee eligibility verification )





Documents given to the employee once they have joined the organization (not attached in the employee file) :-

1.      The company’s vision & mission statement

2.      The Policy manual

3.      Their Job profile

4.       HR manual containing some general policies regarding leave, reimbursement rules

5.      A Directory or Sheet containing imp. Telephone nos. & ext. nos.

6.      Organizational Structure

7.      HR Policies

8.      List of special welfare policies

9.      Employee events planned for the quarter

10.  Office layout to cafeteria & restrooms and other important areas.

11.  Company’s Do’s and Dont’s

12.  Their Annual Action Plan -to be submitted back after a month –LPG

13.  Copy of all the Code of Conduct Forms.

14.  List of Holidays


Documents to be maintained during the cycle of employment ( Keep updating Documents time  to time ) :-

  1. Appraisal Forms
  2. Performance Related Pay / Bonus Letter
  3. Promotion Letter
  4. Copy of any certificate/degree  get after joining an organization
  5. Attested copy of any change in address, contact detail etc
  6. Record of Leave
  7. Attendance record
  8. List of project/task performing
  9. Maternity Detail
  10. Any up gradation either from employee or employer side
  11. Check list ( should be filled during first 2 weeks and then after  3 months)




Documents to be required at  time of reliving :-

1.      Noticed period (15/30 days)

2.      Clearance Certificate (no dues certificate )

3.      Exit interview Form

4.      Reliving & Experience letter

5.      Retirement detail

6.      List of Forms :-

a.     Transfer of PF ( Form 13 )

b.     Refund of PF ( Form 19 )

c.     Refund of Pension ( Form 10C )

d.     Monthly Pension ( Form 10D )

e.     Claim for Gratuity ( Form I )

7.      Superannuation ( Transfer of employee’s fund, claim for pension

8.      In case death  HR concerned will be claimed to following forms duly filed by legal heirs :

a.     Provident fund

b.     Employee Pension Scheme

c.     Gratuity

d.     Superannuation

e.     EDLI

f.        Group Term Insurance

g.     Group Term Insurance under GIGS



Note :- above mentioned documents/forms might be differ according  to company policies.


Click Here To Download Employee Documents Joining to Leaving

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Employee Documents (Joining to Leaving )

Attached please find complete list of documents required at the time new joiner to reliving of employee. These documents might be differ according to company policies.

Click Here To Download Employee Documents (Joining to Leaving)

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