Salary Advance Application Letter for School Fees

Salary Advance Application Letter for School fees

The education fees of a child are expenses that cannot be neglected. The timely payment of the fees is a must. Financial assistance from the office can be a relief in a situation of inability to meet these expenses. Here is an example of a salary advance application letter for school fees.

Sample Request Letter For Advance Salary for School Fees


The Manager

XYZ Ventures

Subject: Application for advance salary

Respected Sir,

With all due respect, I am writing this to request a salary advance amount of $35,000 to cover my children’s education fee.

In my present financial situation, this aid of yours will be a great relief to me. Please deduct an amount of $3000 from my salary each month until the entire advance amount gets recovered.

Please consider my request. I will be grateful to you for your kind support.

Thanking you.

Kylie Ford

Head of Content and Community

Employee ID: 89569

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