Example of Formal Salary Negotiation Letter to Company

You have received an offer letter for the job that suits your expectations but the salary that has been offered to you is not up to what you had expected. In such a case, you must send a formal salary negotiation letter to the company or the employer. Instead of saying a complete no for the offer, sending a negotiation letter is considered as the more practical and also rewarding step to take.

Given below is the sample of formal salary negotiation letter to the company from which you have received an offer letter. Use this template to create a personalized letter.

Formal Salary Negotiation Letter to Company

Julia Mars

11, Park Avenue,

St. George Village

Date: 05th February, 2016


Mathew Jacob

HR Manager,

XYZ Corporation Ltd.

42 Richmond Street,

New York

Dear Mr. Jacob,

I want to thank you for the job offer for the position of Marketing Manager from XYZ Corporation Ltd. The areas of responsibility for the profile are as per my career goals and my expertise. I am very hopeful that with the foresighted growth plans of your company, I would have an excellent opportunity to make significant contribution to the overall growth and success of the organization.

Before moving ahead with accepting the offer made by you, I would like to discuss the salary that you have offered. As per my knowledge, the average salary for the post of Marketing Manager in the industry is $ 100,000 annually. Moreover, with my experience, education qualification and career record, I strongly feel that you must consider the offer you have made. I feel that the position of Marketing Manager demands high levels of commitment and I am completely prepared to give all my time and efforts.

I would like to thank you again for the offer and will look forward for your response. I am hopeful that together we can reach to a mutually beneficial agreement.


Julia Mars

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