Request Letter for Advance Salary for Medical Treatment

Salary advance request letter for medical treatment

A letter of request for advance salary can be written to the employer to seek aid in a situation of medical emergency. Such a situation may arise at any point in time. The most genuine place to seek help is at the workplace. Here is an example of a letter requesting advance salary for medical treatment.

Advance Salary Request Letter for Medical Treatment


The Manager,

Human Resource Department

AVL Technologies Limited

Subject: Application for advance salary

Respected Sir,

I, Natalie H, have been working as the Head of Design at AVL Technologies for the last five years.

I request you to please grant me an advance salary of $50,000 which I need for my medical treatment. I have been recently diagnosed with cancer. The treatment and medicines are expensive and I have run out of finances to pay for them.

Please deduct an amount of $2500 from my salary every month. The amount will be repaid in installment this way.

Please consider my request. I will be grateful to you for your support.

Thanking you.


Natalie H

Head of Design

Employee ID: D259876

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