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Salary Increment Letter After Completing One Year

Once you have completed one year with your company, it is time to write a request for increment to your HR Manager. If you don’t know how to draft a formal salary increment letter to the management on completion of one year then given below is a wonderful format which you can use as a base for creating a perfect letter. Make sure you use the right sample because it has the power to get a positive answer from your boss.

Salary increment sample letter after completing one year

Sam Jackman

123 Silver Street

42, Park Avenue
New York

Date: 01st July, 2016


Adam Gibbs

HR Manager,

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

New York

Dear Mr. Gibbs,

I would like to bring to your notice that on 1st June, 2016, I completed one year with ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. as a Marketing Executive. I was always a dedicated and honest employee of your company. I have given the best of my potential and efforts to every project or assignment that I was handed over without any delays or issues.

With this letter, I would like to highlight that I was recruited at a lower salary and was promised an increment after completion of one year. And now that I have successfully completed the tenure, I am writing this letter to ask a rise in my salary because my present salary is too low to cover the expenses of my family.

I have a job offer from XYZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and the company is offering me a better package. However, I am an honest and committed employee of your company, I decided to write a letter reminding you about the commitment made at the time of the recruitment.

Kindly consider my request.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Sam Jackman

Marketing Executive

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

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Salary Formats

I have Attached Salary Formats

Company Logo
Company Name
Office Address
Pay Slip for the Period of :
Name : Department :
EMP ID : Designation :
Bank Name : PF No :
Bank Account No : Total Days : 30
Joining Date : Work Days : 30
Earnings Amount(Rs) Deductions Amount (Rs)
Basic 2,250.00 PF 270.00
HRA 900.00 P. Tax 200.00
Convenyance 800.00 TDS 0.00
Medical Allowance 1,250.00 LOP 0.00
Mobile Allowances 1,000.00 Loans 0.00
Special Allowances 1,300.00 Advance 0.00
Total Earnings 7,500.00 Total Deductions 470.00
Net Pay: 7,030.00

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