Unpaid Internship Offer Letter Sample, Example Format

Unpaid Internship Offer Letter, Internship Letter Example Format

The purpose of an internship appointment letter is to inform all those who applied for internship in a company.  There are different kinds of internship offer letter with stipend as well as unpaid internship offer letter format which can be used depending upon the policy of the company for interns. A internship letter from student to company works as a legal binding between the intern and the company in relation with internship.

We have come up with internship offer letter sample. Use this unpaid internship offer letter template, example along with tips that can be followed for creating one perfect letter.

Tips to Write an Unpaid Internship Offer Letter

Shared below are some important tips that are helpful in writing an unpaid internship offer letter:

  • The tone of the letter has to be formal.
  • The letter should contain all the details about internship which includes the duration of internship, the compensation that will be paid, the duties that will be involved etc.
  • Do mention about the termination conditions.
  • Keep the letter precise.
  • Ask for submitting acceptance of the internship offer.

Unpaid Internship Offer Letter Sample Format


Andrew Gibbs

Human Resource Manager

New Age Wellness Ltd.

New York

Date: March 1, 2021


Sandy Bullock

54, 5th Avenue

New York

Sub: Internship Offer Letter

Dear Ms. Sandy,

On behalf of New Age Wellness Ltd., we are elated to inform you that you have been selected for the position of internship with our company. On your acceptance of this offer letter, you will be required to join the organization from March 10, 2021 and you will be reporting to Mr. John Black.

I would like to inform you that the duration of this internship will be 6 months and it will be an unpaid internship. During this time, your employment status with New Age Wellness Ltd. will be temporary and therefore, you will not be entitled for kind of privileges that other employees of the company are entitled to.

Your internship will end on August 31st, 2021. I would also like to highlight that the company holds complete rights to terminate your internship anytime during this period with or without any reason.

During your internship, you will get access to different kinds of confidential information about the company and by accepting this offer letter, you agree that you will take complete care in maintaining the confidentiality of all the information the you come across and by any means, you will not be using it for any kind of personal benefits or reasons other than work related tasks. On completion of your internship, you will be required to handover all the official documents, laptop and other company possessions that will be given to you during your internship.

By accepting this offer letter, you agree to all the terms and conditions that have been mentioned above and you agree that you will be following all the rules and regulations at the company and you will also be observing all the practices and policies that define the working and conduct at the company.

We look forward to have you onboard and we are hopeful that this association will be mutually beneficial to both the parties. If you have any other queries, please feel free to write at [email protected]. You will need to express your acceptance to the appointment as trainee with our company by signing the copy of this document and sharing it with us by post.

Congratulations and welcome aboard.


Andrew Gibbs
Human Resource Manager
New Age Wellness Ltd.
New York

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