Job Appointment Letter for New Employee

Job Appointment Letter for New Employee

The purpose of writing a job appointment letter for new employee is to inform him that he or she has been selected for a particular job opening in the company. It is a blend of welcome letter and overview letter. This is usually framed by the hiring manager but sometimes other company officials also prepare such letters. This is a formal letter which is full of new hope, motivation and zeal to work to establish a healthy and optimistic working relationship with the new candidate who will soon be a part of the organization.

Here is a sample job appointment letter for new employees using which you can create your own formal letter consisting of all the information.

Sample Job appointment Letter for New Employee

Mr. Sam Jackson

Human Resource Manager

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

12 Park Avenue

New York

Date: 18th February, 2015


Mr. Sam Brown

12, Richmond Street,

New York

Dear Mr. Brown,

I am really happy to inform you that your name has been selected for the job profile of Marketing Manager at ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. This selection has been made based on your rich experience in the same department in your last company and your amazing achievements. The company is also impressed with your educational qualifications. We are extremely pleased to offer you this position in our company. We are hopeful that you will take our company to new heights with your expertise, talent and experience.

Your date of joining the company will be 1st March, 2015. Your first day schedule includes orientation classes at 9 am at our Corporate Office, which is located at 12, 12 Park Avenue, New York. When you arrive then you must check at the reception desk. There you will get all the important directions about where you have to go. Once you are done with the orientation sessions, you will be escorted by a team member for lunch and then you will be taken to your new work station. There you will be introduced with your new team and new co-workers. Please remember that our dress code from Monday to Friday is corporate casual clothing.

In your new position, you will be responsible for planning and managing sales in the allotted geographical area. You will be responsible for heading all the marketing activities in your area. You will be heading a team of 10 people and you will have to plan, direct and manage their performance. You will have to travel to different locations that come under your management to ensure that the company sales are on increase. As mutually agreed, your salary for this post will be $ 80,000 per year. You will also receive benefits and bonus depending upon your performance.

We are really very happy to have you in our company. Please confirm this selection formally in an acceptance letter. You may either mail us your acceptance via mail at [email protected] You can even call me at 123-456-78, in case you have any questions. We look forward for working with you.


Sam Jackson

Human Resource Manager

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

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