Internship Request Letter from Student to Company

internship request letter from student to company

If you intend to do internship then you must submit an internship request letter to the company. The Internship Request Letter from Student to Company is a simple letter which expresses your interest in internship with a particular company. The Internship Request Letter Format must always include the name of your college along with the educational qualification you possess.

In this post, we have come up with a Student Internship Application Letter Sample. You can use this Internship Letter Example for creating a personalized letter. The Internship Request Letter from Student to Company Template makes it easier for creating a customized application.

Internship Request Letter from Student to Company Template


Jim Ray

54, Richmond Apartments


Date: July 1st, 2022


Mr. Henry Black

HR Manager

Zenith Technologies


Sub: Application for Internship

Dear Mr. Black,

I, Jim Ray, am a student at California University and I am a final year B Tech student. I am writing this application to express my interest in the internship program of your esteemed company.

I would love to join as an intern in your company in the Research and Development Department as I am pursuing engineering in the field of electronics. I always wanted to work with an esteemed organization like yours as Zenith Technologies has always been a pioneer in the field of electronics.

Internship in the final year is a mandatory part of our curriculum and it also gives us an exposure to work in the real life set up and learn practical application of the things that we have studied in our classroom.

For your reference, I have attached my resume and cover letter with this application. I am hopeful that you will consider my application for internship and will give me an opportunity to work for your company.

Thanking in advance.


Jim Ray

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