Cover Letter for Internship with no Experience

When you are going for an internship for the first time, it is obvious that you don’t have the experience but you need to start from somewhere. Make sure that when you are sending your resume to some company then you attach a cover letter with it which talks about your strengths and other working experience you have at the academic level. It is important because it helps you have an edge above the others.

Below is a sample cover letter for internship with no experience. Customize and use it for writing your personalized letter to create a remarkable impression on the recipient.

Sample Cover letter for internship with no experience

Paul Johnson

22 Richmond Towers

Oak Apartments

New York

Ph: 123-456-789

Email: [email protected]

Date: 29th October 2015


Tom Burner

HR Manager

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

15 Richard Street

New York

RE: Job application for Sales Executive position.

Dear Mr. Burner,

I would like to apply for the position of Sales Executive with your company. I promise to be a dedicated and motivated employee working for the growth of the organization.

I have always been an active participant during my school and have participated in many activities which have helped me developed strong communication skills, interpersonal skills and planning skills. I have always been involved in lots of events and activities like sports, dramas, debates and various competitions which have helped me work with my peers and develop skills to work in group.

All of these activities have been very helpful in helping me learn organizational skills, planning skills and management skills which are very much essential in every professional, educational and personal life.

I have been appreciated for my willingness to participate in different kinds of activities by my teachers and mentors. I enjoy making the optimum use of every opportunity that I get by participating in it working hard to accomplish the task that has been allotted. My high motivation levels and skills to communicate well have always helped me perform every task with great dedication and commitment.

I know that you are going to receive lots of applications for this profile; some of them will also have experience but I would be very thankful if I get an opportunity to present my capabilities to you in person.

I strongly feel that I can make constructive contributions to your organization. I am enthusiastic about developing my professional skills and I will look forward to discuss my job application with you at an interview.

Please find the copy of my resume attached with the letter for your consideration. Please contact me anytime at the contact details mentioned above.

Thanking you for your time


Paul Johnson

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