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Annual Bonus Letter to Employee | Performance Bonus Letter

Performance Annual Bonus Letter to Employee: Employees who work really hard for the company truly deserve to be appreciated and are also entitled for annual bonus and therefore, annual bonus letter to employees are what all employees look forward to receive. Performance bonus letter for employee contains the bonus that the company intends to give the employee and also contains a few words appreciating the hard work and dedication of the employee. Many companies give bonuses and this is announced through incentive or bonus letter for top performers which makes them stand out in the crowd.

If you are looking for sample company bonus letters then you are at the right place. With these sample bonus letters to employees, you can share with them the good news in a formal way.

Annual Bonus Letter Format to Employee


Anant Sharma


Zen Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Date: May 9th, 2020


Mr. Abhishek Jain

78, Kalyan Apartments


Dear Abhishek,

Warm congratulations to you for making it to the list of “Best Performers of 2019”. We highly appreciate you for working hard on the launch of our new manufacturing unit in Delhi and making it a great success. It was an important launch for Zen Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and with your dedication and commitment, we have certainly had a terrific launch.

As per the company policy, we offer annual bonus to all our employees who feature in the list of best performers as a gesture to show our appreciation towards the hard work you have put in. We, therefore, announce a bonus of Rs. 50,000 for you which will reflect in your next pay check.

We again extend a warm thank you for being an inspiring and committed employee. We are certainly fortunate to have you in our company.


Anant Sharma


Zen Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Click here to Download Annual Bonus Letter to Employee in Word Format

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Thank You Letter from Supervisor to Employee

Supervisor is the person who knows the best about the performance of the employee. But it is not an easy job to gauge the performance. Supervisor has to be very smart at measuring the performance. He should know how to differentiate between performances. And if the employee has delivered exceptionally amazing performance, a thank you letter from the supervisor to the employee is the most special way of recognizing the efforts. But not all organizations think the same way. One school of thought suggests of acknowledging the efforts with a thank you letter to employee. Whereas the other school of thought doesn’t find thank letters important. It says that it is the responsibility of the employee to do the job right and therefore, writing a thank you letter is not needed.

But a thank you letter from supervisor is a strong tool which not only recognizes the efforts but also works as the tool for the supervisor to communicate actions he wants to put forward.

Given below is the sample employee thank you letter from supervisor to help you frame your own.

Employee Thank You Letter Format

Date: 27.03.18

Dear Rohan,

I am writing this note to thank you for showing your initiative in completing the project on time by doing overtime for all this month. I appreciate your efforts as you did not take any leave this month, especially when summer vacations of children are going on and it is family holiday time for everyone.

It was because of your dedication that we could meet the deadline of our project as lots of people from our team were on leave. You took all the responsibility of managing everything and made sure that there are no delays.

You support during this project was exceptional and I cannot do enough to express my gratitude to you. I have enclosed with this letter a gift card of Rs. 2000 with this letter which can be used at different eateries across the city.

Thanks once again for being there for the company when it was needed the most.



Click Here to Download Employee Thank You Letter From Supervisor in Word Format

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5 advices on how to Evaluate your employee’s Performance

5 advices on how to evaluate your employee’s performance

In business, however big or small, it is necessary to have a regular summary of sales result and more importantly, of the employee performance, as this may help the employees with experience to improve their work and to be more effective and productive later. Follows will be some advices for company leaders as well as managers of any department on how to evaluate an employee’s performance.

1. Encouraging employees to self-evaluate their performance to find out their strong and weak points. It will be much more comprehensive and objective if an employee’s performance is evaluated by both the manager and himself.

2. Having a straightforward but not much negative point of view toward the weak points of an employee. It should be considered as experience and lesson to improve the later performance.

3. However small your company may be, as a director, you should not take it lightly when evaluating your employees or regularly summarizing the business result.

4. Emphasizing on what you and your employee have been acquiring as well as on what can be achieved in the future. Never use performance report to criticize the mistakes the employee made, but to make it valuable lesson of experience.

5. Trying to be fair and applying general criteria or principles to evaluate the performance of all employees.

Click Here To Download 5 advices on how to evaluate your employee performance

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