Salary Increment Letter Based on Performance

Salary Increment Letter Based on Performance From Company to Employee.


October 31, 2014

<Employee Number>

Dear _______,

We are happy to thank you for your valuable contributions to our business performance this (year).

We have considered your performance while dealing with your new CTC and have come up with a few compensations for you.

Your revised CTC for ____-____ effective _______ is Rs. ________/-. It will include the following perks:

1. Rs.________ as a fixed component of the pay plan

2. Rs. _______ as a variable component of the pay plan (this will depend on your performance)

3. Rs. ______ as a one time performance award from the company as a token of appreciation.

The coming year is expected to bring a lot of challenges. This nec (Organization Name) ily will demand exceptional performance on our part. We hope you come up with the same zeal, competency and commitment to take to company to a different level.

We would also like to thank your family for the support behind your success in (year).

Best Regards,

<Name of the Business Leader>
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