Sample Termination Letter to Employee Due to Cost Cutting

Format Of Termination Letter, termination letter due cost cutting

When a company is facing financial difficult times, it has to cut its cost and laying off employees is one of the ways for cost cutting. In such a scenario, issuing termination letter to employees is the most important thing as an employer. There are various types of termination letters such as termination letter due to budget cuts or termination letter due to company loss. Sometimes companies are have to give Termination Letter for Abandonment and Insubordination. And when employees fail to deliver expected outputs, termination letter for poor performance are issued.

We bring to you sample Termination Letter to Employee due to Cost Cutting. Use this format template to create your own letter.

Example Format for Termination Letter Due to Cost Cutting


R.K. Sharma

Human Resource Manager,

Advent Medicines Ltd.

New Delhi

Date: 28.07.2018


Vinod Khatri

54, Sahara Enclave,

Goregaon (E),


Dear Mr. Khatri,

With deep regret, we are writing to notify you of job termination with Advent Medicines Ltd., effective from August 14th, 2018 as the company no longer requires your service.

The company is shifting all its operation to the headquarters in New Delhi branch as the company is suffering serious losses and therefore, the Management has decided to downsize all other branches in India. We highly appreciate your services and we are confident that an efficient employee like you will not find any difficulties in finding a better job.

This termination is not because of your poor performance and your relieving letter will include words of appreciation for your dedication and efficiency. We will always have your contact details in our database and will surely get back to you in future if there is a suitable profile for you. The company will compensate you for the inconvenience caused while settling down all your dues at the time of relieving. You will have our HR Team help you with the complete process.

Wishing you good luck for all your future endeavors.

Best Regards,

R.K. Sharma

Human Resource Manager,

Advent Medicines Ltd.

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