Letter Offering Circular to Maintain Timings for Late Coming Employees

Letter Offering Circular to Maintain Timings for Late Coming Employees

Punctuality in attendance is expected of the employees in any organization. Unfailing observance of work discipline is something that is not tolerated. Almost every company has a policy for attendance to keep a check on the punctuality quotient of the employees. They deduct a certain amount from their salary for late reporting. This step is considered as a standard in many companies. However, it has a drawback. Employees raise the question that if an amount is deducted for late coming, overtime should as well be given for staying late.

But nonetheless, a letter is sent to the late comers as circulars to maintain office timings. Below is a sample letter to give a better idea on the same.

Sample Circular Letter to Remind about Timings to Late Comers


The Staff

(Organization name)

Date: __/__/__

Sub: To impose punctuality in attendance

Hi All,

This is to bring into notice that a lot of irregularities and indiscipline in the staff members have been recorded in recent days which have lead to tremendous inconvenience to the organization and its growth. Being a service oriented company, we offer certain flexibility to some of the employees with the permission by their consent Department heads, but the same is not allowed for all.

Henceforth, if the management find as such kind of irregularity repeated in the working atmosphere that is against the Terms and Conditions of the company, the management may take necessary action like deduction in pay as mentioned during appointment. It is hence expected of all employees to be in right time effective today.



Authorized Signatory

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