Circular About Office Timing

 I have Attached Circular About Office Timing

To: All Employees

Attendance process

To streamline the process of attendance in Dr. Jain Video on Wheels Ltd. Employees are requeste

d to follow the below given policy.


1.         Office Timings

At DJVOW, company timing starts from 10.00 AM to 6.30 PM with a lunch break of 30 minutes from 1.30 PM to 2.00 PM throughout the week. SUNDAY is a weekly off.

2.         Marking of attendance

2.1       Employees should punch their attendance in the Bio-matrix attendance machine placed at the department door by “signing-in” in the machine on arriving to the office and “sign-out” at the time of departure. Management can call any employee to report to work before/ after specified time; his/her timings will be adjusted accordingly.

2.2               All Employees are expected to reach office by 10.00 AM. After 10:00 AM 30 minutes is grace period (Except shift duty staff).

2.3               An employee coming to office after 10.30 AM is marked as LATE and:-

a)        If someone comes half an hour late he/she has to work one hour extra as self penalty which will be monitored by machine. Staff coming 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM and working more than prescribed 8 hours per day will be given extra weight-age in annual appraisal.

b)        Late beyond 10.30 AM is allowed only eight times in a month. Any employee coming late for more than eight times in a month shall loose ½ day leave/salary.

3.         Employees can avail the facility of 2 hours short leave from his/her arrival/departure time, once in a month.  Who will not avail this facility across the year will be given extra weight-age in annual appraisal.

4.         Employees are advised to plan their work & its time allocation to finish their work within office timings. Employees are encouraged to devote quality time in office hours.

5.         Any employee on leave should complete his LEAVE Application and forward to the HR department through his Reporting Officer / HOD.

6.         Everyone has to fill task today format everyday maintained at Sharedrive

Thanks and Regards

Authorized Signatory


1) All Employees; 2) Circular Master file; 3) Human Resource (Origin) – distribution of soft copy via E-mail (A√/NA).


DJVOW/Human Resource-01/Circular Master File/02/28032011/

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