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Tool Box Talk

Please find the format of Tool box Talk record.

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HR Audit Questionnaire

Please find attach herewith HR Audit Questionnaire.

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Training Process Chart / Formats

Kindly find attached Formats for Training Feedback / Training Effectiveness & Evaluation / Training Effectiveness Measurement.

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Click Here To Download Training Feedback Form

Click Here To Download Training Effectiveness & Evaluataion Form

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Termination Letter – End of Contract


To Date:
Mr/ Mrs. XXXX

Dear Mr / Mrs XXXX,

Please refer appointment letter dated —— for the fixed term appoint for the position of ——-in our organisation. It is due to work exigencies in our organisation we could not extend your services beyond the fixed term referred in your appoint letter dated above. Your services are coming to an end on—————–. Hence, you are advised to contract accounts department during working hours for your full and final settlement if any.

for M/s

Authorised signatory.

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Charge Sheet Format

As a beginner in the field of HR, they should know the legal frames of the CHARGE – SHEET. Here is the fundamental guidance how to prepare the Charge-Sheet in the attachment file (pdf.file). If may useful for every one.

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ID Card Format for company workers and staff

Please find attached the ID Card sample.

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Policy on Rejoining

Re-joining obviously should be based on past performance and conduct of an ex-employee. These are paramount.

You may consider the following :

  1. Tenure served (fairly substantial/conforms to minimum acceptable)
  2. Appraisal reports/ratings/achievements/usefulness
  3. Progression in the Company (promotions/increments/rewards/
  4. participative ness)
  5. Inter-personal skills/conduct with colleagues/superiors alike.
  6. Job aptitude/attitude exhibited during past tenure
  7. Incidents of any misconduct/violation/contravention of any set
  8. policy/guidelines/law
  9. Extracurricular activities : Unionism/staff welfare/events/social work
  10. Complementary skill-sets “now” required by the Company
  11. Knowledge sharing/mentoring/leadership/motivational abilities, team
  12. play, etc.
  13. Exit conduct – proper handover/return of Co. docs/equipment/IPR, etc.
  14. and refund of outstandings, notice period served, etc.
  15. Peer recommendations/respect for the person..

The re-joining policy can incorporate the above and perhaps more as conditionalities for re-engagement in the Company. You may also develop a checklist for HR to tick off against all seeking to return to the Company or are on a recall.

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Promotion Letter Format

Please find attach herewith Promotion Letter Format. 

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Transfer Letter with Promotion

Format of Transfer Letter with Promotion

____/HRD/_____ Date _______________

Mr/ Ms. ____________


Dear Mr./ Ms. _____________,
We are pleased to Promote you as ___________ and transfer you to our Branch at __________________________ with immediate effect.
In your new assignment you will report to _____________________ (Name & Designation of the person), who will explain to you nature of your responsibilities and guide you from time to time.
With a change in your responsibilities as aforesaid we are pleased to revise your compensation from _________________. Details of the revised compensation structure will be discussed and finalized in consultation with HR.
We are sure you will make the best use of the opportunity offered to you and contribute substantially to the success of our new store as you have always been doing and fully justify the confidence and faith placed in you by the management.
A communication advising your revision in your salary is being sent to you separately.

Wish you all the best.

For, Company name


Click Here To Download Format of Transfer Letter with Promotion

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Tips for Job Seekers

Tips for Job Seekers

  • Put Resume heading/Title in such a way that they should understand about all your expertises. Like if you are strong in Win Runner Try to put that in title like “Win Runner Expert”/”Win Runner Automation Engineer” etc. Chances of identifying you by the recruiters is high if your Title is relevent and exposing your expertisation
  • Dont provide all the details in the job portal. They will contact you for that information. Try to get impression by your communication and way of talking
  • Update your profile in all the portals at around 10-00 AM daily
  • In some portals like Naukri, they are providing their E-Mail ids. so instead of applying from naukri, just copy all such email ids and send your Profile to them stating in your mail that ” i got your ref in”. Direct mail will give more chances of getting call if you put subject in efficiant way
  • If you are applying for the company which is bigger than your present company, try to communicate with them through phone. That will give good results.
  • Please tell that your Expected salary is negotiable till you get selected. Otherwise sometimes that will be problematic
  • Do follow all interview formalities. we should not miss even one chance just because of dressing, body language, etc. Still some interviewers are perticular about that.
  • Please try to know the major benefits that you will get if you join that company. This is very much important thing to be considered as you are seeking your career with that company. you have to provide the things which made you intrested in that company.
  • If you are going to start job trials for the first time, make sure that you have all the skills in enough ratio. Technical, Communication, behaviour these are the major components which we need to have skills atleast 70% in each.
  • If you dont have enough skills in any of those three, please take time to improve yourself in that. start your trails after that. otherwise you may have to loose chances in so many companies.


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