We bring to you format of finest professional offer letter for marketing executives. Use it as the thread line for writing customized drafts on appointing the marketing executives in your company.
Whenever an employee leaves the organization, this letter of resignation is the last impression that he leaves with the company. Hence, it is as important as the first impression. You must make sure that you pen a pleasant and positive formal resignation letter to inform the company about your exit in the most polite tone.
In this era of technology, most of the organizational communications take place via emails. You must learn to write formal resignation emails when you are leaving your job. It is always beneficial to follow proper protocols while resigning from employment.
Learn to write formal offer letter to trainee offering them to join your company. Respond to the candidates about their successful interview, offering them to join as trainees. Make sure this letter includes all the important terms and conditions in an organized manner.
A job offer letter must contain all the necessary terms and conditions to clarify all the aspects related with selection for job. Here is a point wise description of every point which are important and must be included while drafting terms and conditions for the job.
For businesses to survive the tough times and face the threats and challenges in the market with a more positive attitude, it is very important for them to keep their employees positive. They need to increase employee engagement so that they are emotionally attached with the organization and are able to synergize their personal goals with the aims and objectives of the company.
With increasing stress levels and tensions at personal, professional and emotional front, the number of attempts to suicide is one the rise. Problems like recession, loans, due payments and work pressure leave workers with no other choice but to put an end to these problems by putting an end to their lives.
Simple tax calculator for the use of salaried employees of govt and private sector, basis the latest budget changes.
Humans are social animals. They love to interact, communicate and even gossip. If you are working in an office, no matter if it is big or small; there is a fair chance that you will come across office chit-chats on a daily basis. It can happen at the desk, during break time or in the corridors
Attrition is a very common problem with call centers. At the same time, it is also a health check for the business as it reflects the need to recheck the policies and working pattern to reduce number of people leaving the organization.