Performance of a company is directly proportional to the performance of an employee. Hence, it is essential for the managers to ensure that their employees are performing well.
While working for the company, you sometimes have to leave your job because of some bad experiences which compel you to resign from your job. In such a case, you must put up your resignation letter in a formal way which also includes a complaint against the company.
Whenever a person leaves an organization or institution, he is suppose to attain a No Dues Certificate from the management which states that he is not required to clear any dues and is free to leave the organization without any charges on him.
When you are leaving an organization, it is really nice that you leave it with a happy good bye email where you can thank your colleagues, supervisor and management for all the support.
If you have joined a new company and for more convenience you want to have your savings account converted into a salary account then you must write a formal letter to the bank branch manager asking him to do this small conversion for you.
Work experience is one of the most important earnings of any person. When a person leaves a job then work experience is the most important treasure that he takes along which is very helpful for him as it is an important tool which helps him find a better job.
Everyone aspires for a bright career. And sometimes you have to take up some new course or go for higher studies so that you can add more qualification to your resume and have a better career.
There are times when employees leave the company. At these times, the owner of the company or the HR Manager receives resignation letters and they have to acknowledge and respond to these requests in a formal way.
Sometimes it happens that you stop enjoying your present job and you realize that this is something which is not giving you the thrill to work. Hence, you desire to change your career.
Director is an important position in a company. When a person resigns from such a post then the management takes it time to react on such a request.