When there are some new openings in a company then the company often prefers to have existing employees for the job rather than recruiting new people from outside as they have complete understanding of the company’s culture and working.
Once you have applied for the job, you are not sure when you are going to receive the call for interview or your application has been rejected or selected.
Sometimes you get the most awaited offer letter but then situations have changed and you are no longer in mood to join the company.
There are situations when you cannot accept a job offer despite being selected for it. No matter what are the reasons, you must make sure that you inform the company by writing a formal job rejection letter.
Finding a job of your choice is not easy. You have to look into different aspects to make sure that the offer you are accepting is beneficial to you.
When a company is hiring new people, there are a few things that every employer wants to know about. The idea is to be sure about the people that will be selected.
If you have managed to crack the interview and you have also received the offer letter for the job but the salary that you have been offered is not as per your expectations.
It is very important that if you are not satisfied with the offered salary then you must write a formal salary negotiation letter to the company. There is nothing bad about negotiating for a better salary provided you know the right way to put across your expectation.
Whenever we come out of the interview room, we always think about things we could have said that would have helped us earn more points.
Whenever there is a new person joining your office, you must make sure that you make him feel comfortable and warm. It all starts with writing a formal welcome letter to the new employee giving him a warm reception on his joining.