To motivate the employees to work better and to retain their services, you must always appreciate them for their good work. It is the sweetest gesture that infuses new energy in the employee by acknowledging all the efforts he has put in.
Whenever a new employee joins a company, it is the duty of the management to welcome him with open arms and announcing his arrival publicly. This is a way of formally informing the other staff about the entrant, his profile, the work he is going to do etc.
Whenever an employee leaves a company, it is an important moment as someone from your professional family is leaving. In such a situation, as the HR manager of your company or as the owner of your organization, you must write a formal announcement letter informing about the departure of the employee.
Before having any student work as an intern in the company, it is important to have all the information before allowing the student to join the company as an intern.
Whenever a company selects an intern for the internship program then it is important that both the parties sign an internship agreement which is nothing but a legal contract which has all the details on rules and regulations.
Internship is an important part of education which gives a student a practical exposure of the field in which he has been studying. But for that he needs to apply to different companies for internship.
Whenever a new person gets recruited in the organization, the HR manager has to get all his details verified to make sure that all the information provided by the candidate is complete and authentic in every sense.
If you are working with some company and wish to request a transfer then the right procedure demands writing a formal transfer request letter either to the HR manager of your company or to the owner of your company.
Where there are people, there are chances for rumors to spread. People often experience defamation of character in the organization they are working due to some baseless rumor spread by some anti-social elements in the company.
Performance review is an important HR process which is done in order to gauge the performance of an employee and compare it with the standards. This brings clarity in his working and also tells whether he needs to improve or he is performing decent.