The primary responsibility of the Regional Sales Manager is sales and sales support functions. The regional sales manager manages all aspects of sales activities for a sales force covering a large territory or market.
Production Engineers manage the operation of one or more manufacturing workshops in a manufacturing company. Their role is to organize, set up and optimize production, while observing specifications. Their responsibilities vary based on the size and structure of the company.
Network engineers may work internally as part of an organizationís IT Support team or externally as part of an outsourced IT networking consultancy firm working with a number of clients. Network engineers are responsible for implementing, maintaining, and supporting, developing and designing communication networks within an organization or between organizations.
Oracle Apps Technical Consultant understand the coding standards prescribed by Oracle and have a deep understanding of the entire Oracle implementation life cycle. Technical consultants are expected to work on development activities and managing custom application development projects, customization and extension of Oracle Applications.
Network administrator is responsible for the smooth, efficient and secure operation of computer networks. They configure and administer existing networks. Their main tasks include customization of the network as per organizationís needs, adding software and hardware, troubleshooting, logging errors, helping users with network issues etc.
Chemical process engineers also called process engineers are chemical engineers who work on the creation and manufacturing of chemicals such as pharmaceuticals. They take part in the research, development, testing and evaluation of manufacturing process.
MBA HR Freshers main responsibilities will include sourcing candidates through telephonic and internet sites and scrutinizing the manpower eligibility according to the requirement criteria policy of the company. The questions asked in an MBA HR interview for fresher are generally basic questions.
A Linux system administrator is responsible for maintaining the continued operational status of the Linux based computers or networks. Linux system administrators work closely with many different elements within the department. They should be versed in project management systems and network infrastructure.
An IT Sales person will be responsible for selling hardware and software products as part of a sales team. The main responsibilities of IT sales include meeting the client and determining his needs, decide whether the software or hardware meets the needs of the client, answering technical questions and presenting the findings to the technical team to act on and also to the client.
The job of a Java Developer involves creating programs and websites based on the scripting language JavaScript to create moving drop down menus, images, animation and music. These developers are also responsible for enhancing site usability, design and functionality.