It is always good to train an employee from within your company than to hire someone who is new to the organization. This helps you have a better manager who is more informed about the work culture and business, something at which he doesn’t need to be trained.
Summers are the times when you can hire lots of part-time employees who can be really beneficial for your business. There are various stores and restaurants that hire seasonal staff which includes college interns.
Whenever a new person gets recruited in the organization, the HR manager has to get all his details verified to make sure that all the information provided by the candidate is complete and authentic in every sense.
The success of the company lies in hiring and retaining good employees in the company. A company should work hard to make sure that all good people stay in the organization. But sometimes despite all the efforts, these valuable assets leave.
There are all kinds of employees in an organization. Some are amazing performers, some are average and some are poor at delivering the desired performance. If you have such an employee in your company which is unable to deliver expected results then you must write a warning letter asking him to work with dedication and commitment so that he is able to perform.
Salary increment letter is written with a purpose to inform the employee about increment in his or her salary. While writing such a letter, you must congratulate the employee and also state the reason for this increment along with the components of this appreciation.
Authorization letter is a useful document which is written with a purpose to give authority of acting to someone else on one’s behalf.
Performance of a company is directly proportional to the performance of an employee. Hence, it is essential for the managers to ensure that their employees are performing well.
While working for the company, you sometimes have to leave your job because of some bad experiences which compel you to resign from your job. In such a case, you must put up your resignation letter in a formal way which also includes a complaint against the company.
Whenever a person leaves an organization or institution, he is suppose to attain a No Dues Certificate from the management which states that he is not required to clear any dues and is free to leave the organization without any charges on him.