Vacations are important part of life. You need to take some time off from work and go on a holiday to refresh and revive your body and mind. It is not only essential for the employees but it is equally essential for increasing the productivity of the company.
There are times when you need to leave the office early. For instance, it is your wife’s birthday or you have to attend some function. In such a case, you must write a professional permission letter addressing your HR Manager or immediate senior or team leader asking permission for leaving the office earlier than usual.
When you are getting married, you need to convey to your boss using a formal marriage leave letter that because you are getting married, you need to take break from work for a few days to make all the necessary arrangements for your wedding.
It feels great when your letter for leave has been approved. It always feels good to know that your boss or your HR Manager or your company has considered your problem and has sanctioned your leave application, despite the fact that you are needed in the office to manage your responsibilities.
Authorization letter is another very important document which gives some other person an authority to act on your behalf. Authority to sign HR letters on your behalf is one such letter which gives the third party the right to sign HR letter.
The purpose of writing a job appointment letter for new employee is to inform him that he or she has been selected for a particular job opening in the company. It is a blend of welcome letter and overview letter. This is usually framed by the hiring manager but sometimes other company officials also prepare such letters.
Permission letter is one of the most common letters that is written with an intention to seek the permission from a person to grant an authority to take some decision or to do something. When you are writing a professional letter to your boss seeking permission for something then make sure that it is addressed to the right senior who has the power to grant you the permission.
If you are planning to use any kind of copyright content or any other thing in your presentation, paper or for any other purpose then you must write a professional permission letter seeking the permission from the company or person to use it. This is the right way of dealing with copyright information to avoid hassles and be legal in your working.
Warning letters are written by employer in order to bring in notice Here is the process of writing a warning letter to employee which ensures a disciplined behavior.
Whenever you are planning to interview some personality then the official way of going about it is seeking permission to interview by writing a formal request letter. Such a letter should contain the reason for which you wish to interview the person, the estimated time for which you need to interview him and the number of questions you have to ask.