Companies roll out policies for everything to ensure smooth and controversy- free working with their employees.
When you take leaves on Saturday and Monday then Sunday is also counted as a leave as per Sandwich leave name.
Just like companies have recruitment policies, leave policies, they also have employee retirement policy in India.
Sandwich Leave Rule Policy is a Saturday Sunday leave policy followed by many companies
Whenever an employee of the company goes on a business trip, as a protocol, he is suppose to inform the HR of the company.
Who doesn’t like leaves but when employees get very casual with taking leaves, a strict action against them is much needed.
Employees are the assets for organization. If you have hard working, loyal and committed employees in your company then you must make effort to appreciate them.
When a new employee joins the company, the HR Manager sends a formal mail to all the concerned departments to announce the new hire.
Sometimes due to personal reasons or because of medical issues, you might need to apply for a job transfer in your company.
These days lots of companies provide transportation to their employees so that they can travel to and from work comfortably even at odd hours.