If you have decided to leave your company then you must inform about the same to the clients you have been handling till date. Writing a personalized farewell letter to clients is the wise thing to do.
At some point in time, every company comes across a moment when some of their employee is leaving the company. Professionally, the company should write a formal farewell letter to the employee who is leaving the company.
After interviewing numerous candidates, you select just a few best suitable candidates for the job. This means you will have to reject the others.
Motivation letter is also known as letter of motivation. It is a letter that is sent with the resume and contains a perfectly briefed introduction of the applicant.
In the present scenario, companies conduct various rounds of interviews to make sure that they select the best candidate for a particular profile. Some candidates are dropped after the initial interview and some are dropped in the last round.
When you are going for an internship for the first time, it is obvious that you donít have the experience but you need to start from somewhere.
Times have changes and now interviews are conducted over phones as well. Telephonic interviews have become quite common. Once the interviews are conducted, the next thing that keeps you waiting is the result.
Your resignation letter is the last impression that you leave on your employer. Just like your first impression, it is also very important as it can hamper your professional image with the company
It you want to seal the deal then you must write a formal thank you letter after the telephonic round for a job interview. You must have heard this advice quite a lot of times but you must know that it is very much essential.
The purpose of writing a confirmation letter is to confirm the time, venue and purpose of the meeting or a job interview or any other formal oral agreement.