It happens in life that some of your employee leaves suddenly, without serving the notice period. It can happen because of some emergency at his end because of which he is leaving the company with an immediate effect.
Once a company has received the resignation letter of some of its employee, it must revert back with a reply. If you are the owner o HR manager of the company and you have decided to accept the resignation of the employee then you must write a formal letter of resignation acceptance to inform the employee that his request has been accepted.
When you are the manager or the company owner, you will come across lots of things which are bothering your employees. These grievances can be defined as something real or imaginary feeling of dissatisfaction that an employee has for his job or concerning the management and their policies or the company procedures.
Training is an essential part of any organization because it is the technique which is used for helping employees learn new technologies to hone their skills and enhance their capabilities in order to have better understanding and knowledge of various new things in the market.
We all are humans and so we have prejudices and biases which become a part of our working and we donít even know how. Thatís the reason managers sometimes make mistakes while analyzing and evaluating the performance of their employees because they let their biases and judgment errors interfere with their decision.
ID proofs and address proofs are very important in day to day routine. Government has given the gazetted officers the responsibility of writing letter to authorities for different purposes mentioning the address and identification details in a sorted format.
Customer service representatives are one of the few job profiles which are very common. In the present times, almost all businesses which have direct interaction with customers need customer service representatives to deal with consumers.
Marketing managers are the most creative minds who know how to make the best use of their limited resources and their innovative ideas to come with the finest advertisement and marketing campaigns that can take the sales of a company to a completely new level.
The profile of sales manager is considered to be a very important position in an organization. This is so because he is one person who is responsible for making sales happen. He is the one who leads the team of salesperson and coordinates with other departments to make sure that company sales are on the rise and product offerings are delivered to the customers.
HR Manager is an important profile in every organization. This is the person who is responsible for managing the workforce details, their salary and everything else that is related with their working, promotion, transfers etc.