If any of the employees or colleagues have gone beyond in order to help you in some way then this sweet gesture calls for some appreciation and what’s better than writing an employee appreciation email.
If any of your employee has not been coming to work then you must write a warning Letter to employee for not reporting to work.
Certain companies have strict safety rules that are required to be followed because of the fragile environment in which the employees work and in case some cases, employees fail to adhere to these safety rules.
A team that has delivered good results deserves to be appreciated for good work and in order to do that you can always write an appreciation email
When any of your employee has made a customer happy with his or her good customer service then this calls for wiring an employee appreciation email.
If any of your employee has been found stealing from office then you can always suspend them by writing a suspension letter to employee for theft.
If any of the teams at your company or any of the employees have delivered an extra ordinary sales performance then you must write to them an employee appreciation email
Writing an appreciation email to employee for his hard work or dedication is a wonderful way of acknowledging his or her efforts.
If your team or employee has been able to achieve the targets then this certainly calls for writing an Employee Appreciation Email.
If an employee is usually late for work and has not started coming on time despite warnings, it is time to write a Letter of Suspension for Absenteeism to him or her.