How to Write a Permission Letter

The purpose of writing a permission letter is to grant legal authorization to some person. Different people write letter of permission for different reasons. Parents write such letters to give temporary custody of their child who is a minor to someone else. Likewise employee can write it to his employer seeking permission for organizing a party at office.

This post talks about various steps that are important to be taken into consideration while framing a formal permission letter. Use these steps to create a personalized letter with right amount of information.

Steps to Write Permission Letter

  1. Decide on the Format

Such letters should be formally typed properly and not handwritten. In case, the situation is informal then you can go with handwritten format.

  1. Decide on Subject Line

You need to decide on the subject of your letter which should be short and clear so that the reader immediately understands the purpose of writing the letter. Put the subject line in bold font to increase its readability.

  1. Address it Correctly

It is extremely important for you to know to whom to address the letter. In case you are writing a letter for your child and it has to be show again and again then you can start with “To whom it may concern”. And in case you have to send the letter to some particular person then you must address it to that person with his full name and title.

  1. Mention the Purpose

Start your letter by stating the purpose in clear words. If it is a letter concerning your child then you must include your name, your child’s name and the name of the person to whom you are grating the permission. Keep it simple, straight and clear without leaving any room for any confusion or doubt. This has to be a short and crisp sentence.

  1. Mention More Details

The next step involves include some more information in relation with the permission. For instance, if this is a letter related with your child then you must mention useful details like Full name of the child, his birth date, his address, your relation with the child and other details required in that particular situation to ensure that all essential details in this regard are shared with the concerned person. Moreover, if there is any other important information that is useful like passport number in case of consent to travel, then it also needs to be mentioned in the letter. Every letter demands something specific and subjective which should be included in it.

  1. Define Scope of Permission

This is the next important step which takes into account specifying the exact scope of the permission. For instance, you are writing a medical authorization letter for your child then you must define the scope by mentioning that the consent to treatment includes minor illness and injuries and in case of any medical emergency, your consent is required along with treatment of the medical professional.

  1. Mention Validity of Authorization

The next step involves stating when the authorization expires and in case it stands valid until revoked, that must also be included in the letter.

  1. Share Your Contact Information

You must share your telephone number, email id or address before ending the letter.

  1. Sign the Letter in Presence of Witness

If it is a legal authorization then you must have the letter notarized and sign it in presence of a witness. Also have the witness sign the letter. You need to decide whether the letter requires a witness or not and then move ahead with the proceedings.

Use these steps to write a perfect permission letter on your own without missing on any important detail.

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