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Suspension Letter to Employee for Safety Violation

Certain companies have strict safety rules that are required to be followed because of the fragile environment in which the employees work and in case some cases, employees fail to adhere to these safety rules. In such a case, if you wish to suspend that employee then Suspension Letter to Employee for Safety Violation is something that you need to write.

This post includes a suspension Letter to Worker for Safety Violation. Use this Suspension Letter Format to create a personalized letter.

Employee Suspension Letter Format for Safety Violation


Simon Smith

HR Manager

Zenith Technologies


Date: January 26th, 2023


Mr. Andy Jacob

54, Richmond Villas


Dear Andy,

This is to notify that you have been suspended from work, effective January 27th, 2023 without pay. The reason for this suspension is that you have not been adhering to the safety rules of the Company, specifically rule no. 78 (a) of the Safety Rules which requires one to always turn off the boiler before exiting the premises.

As shared by your supervisor, Mr. Andrew Gibbs, you have failed to switch off the boiler before leaving for lunch thrice in a span of two months. Despite giving you many verbal warnings, you have failed to adhere to this safety rule. As this is a serious offence as it can cause damage to the property as well as other members of staff, we are left with no option but to suspend you.

In case you have any explanation for the same then we would be happy to hear your side as well. For any further communications, get in touch with the HR department.

We are hopeful that you will be more careful with switching off the boiler as well as adhering to other safety rules rolled out by the company.


Simon Smith

HR Manager

Zenith Technologies

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