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Stress Management

Stress management refers to a wide spectrum of techniques and psychotherapies aimed at controlling a person’s levels of stress, especially chronic stress, usually for the purpose of improving everyday functioning.

I have attached a PPT on stress management. Hope you all find it useful and helpful

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Stress Test For Students

I have Attached Stress Test For Students

Stress Test for students

Do you worry about the future?

Do you sometimes have trouble falling asleep?

Do you often reach for a cigarette, a drink, or a tranquilizer in order to reduce

Do you become irritated over basically insignificant matters?

Do you have less energy than you seem to need or would like to have?

Do you have too many things to do and not enough time to do them?

Do you have headaches or stomach problems?

Do you feel pressure to accomplish or to get things done?

Are you very concerned about being either well-liked or successful?

_____10. Do you perform well enough in life to satisfy yourself?

_____11. Do you get satisfaction from the small joys or simple pleasures of life?

_____12. Are you able to really relax and have fun?

Scoring: 1 point for a yes answer to 1-9 or no answer to 10-12. A score of 4 or more

suggests that you may be under significant stress.



We always know when we are under stress. Often people become so accustomed

to stress that they become unaware of it. Many of us suffer the debilitating effects of

stress even though we don’t feel tense. But stress can change the way you treat others,

or damage your body even in the absence of feelings of frustration or anxiety.

Stress is something that affects only those who have high-pressure lives.

Many ordinary individuals experience the constant stress of worry, leading unfulfilled

lives, or of not being who they would like to be.

The only way to lower stress is to change your surroundings or to take

medication. Changing your outlook on life is the most reliable and effective way of

reducing stress. Stress comes from the way we perceive the world, not from the way

Stress is caused by events that happen to us. To paraphrase the Stoic philosopher

Epictetus, it is not events in themselves that cause our distress, but rather the views we

Emotions have a will of their own and cannot be controlled. We can change our

feelings by first changing our behavior or by changing our thinking. For example,

getting some work done can keep us from worrying about it. Creating a new

understanding of a situation can make it less threatening or stressful.

Stress Test



Learn to plan. Disorganization can breed stress. Having too many projects going on

simultaneously often leads to confusion, forgetfulness, and the sense that uncompleted

projects are hanging over your head. When possible, take on projects one at a time and

Recognize and accept limits. Most of us set unreasonable and perfectionist goals for

ourselves. But in reality, we can never be perfect, so we often have a sense of failure or

inadequacy no matter how well we perform. Set achievable goals for yourself.

Learn to play. You need to escape from the pressures of life occasionally and have fun.

Find pastimes that are absorbing and enjoyable no matter your level of ability.

Focus on the positive. Avoid criticizing others. Learn to praise the things you like in

others. Focus upon the good qualities those around you possess. Be sure to give

yourself credit and appreciate your own good qualities as well.

Learn to tolerate and forgive. Intolerance of others leads to frustration and anger.

Attempting to really understand the way other people feel can make you more accepting

of them. Accept and forgive yourself also.

Avoid unnecessary competition. There are plenty competitive situations in life that

we can’t avoid. Being too concerned with winning in too many areas of life can create

excessive tension and anxiety, and make us unnecessarily aggressive.

Get regular physical exercise. Check with your physician before beginning any

exercise program. You will be more likely to stay with an exercise program if you

choose one that you really enjoy rather than one that feels like pure hard work and

Learn a systematic, drug-free method of relaxing. Meditation, yoga, or any of a

variety of relaxation techniques can be learned from various accredited teachers and

Talk out your troubles. Find a friend, member of the clergy, faculty member,

counselor, or psychotherapist you can be open with. Expressing your “bottled up”

anxieties to a sympathetic ear can be incredibly helpful.

Change your thinking. How we feel emotionally often depends on our outlook or

philosophy of life, but changing your beliefs is challenging process. There is little

practical wisdom in the modern world to guide us through our lives. No one has all the

answers, but some answers are available. Talk to mentors, teachers, and licensed

Click Here To Download Stress Test For Students

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NSAd Stress Questionnaire

I have Attached NSAd Stress Questionnaire


Because everyone reacts to stress in his or her own way, no one stress test can give you a complete diagnosis of your stress levels. This stress test is intended to give you an overview only. Please see a Stress Management Consultant for a more in depth analysis.

Answer all the questions but just tick one box that applies to you, either yes or no. Answer yes, even if only part of a question applies to you. Take your time, but please be completely honest with your answers:

Yes No
1 I frequently bring work home at night
2 Not enough hours in the day to do all the things that I must do
3 I deny or ignore problems in the hope that they will go away
4 I do the jobs myself to ensure they are done properly
5 I underestimate how long it takes to do things
6 I feel that there are too many deadlines in my work / life that are difficult to meet
7 My self confidence / self esteem is lower than I would like it to be
8 I frequently have guilty feelings if I relax and do nothing
9 I find myself thinking about problems even when I am supposed to be relaxing
10 I feel fatigued or tired even when I wake after an adequate sleep
11 I often nod or finish other peoples sentences for them when they speak slowly
12 I have a tendency to eat, talk, walk and drive quickly
13 My appetite has changed, have either a desire to binge or have a loss of appetite / may skip meals
14 I feel irritated or angry if the car or traffic in front seems to be going too slowly/ I become very frustrated at having to wait in a queue
15 If something or someone really annoys me I will bottle up my feelings
16 When I play sport or games, I really try to win whoever I play
17 I experience mood swings, difficulty making decisions, concentration and memory is impaired
18 I find fault and criticize others rather than praising, even if it is deserved
19 I seem to be listening even though I am preoccupied with my own thoughts
20 My sex drive is lower, can experience changes to menstrual cycle
21 I find myself grinding my teeth
22 Increase in muscular aches and pains especially in the neck, head, lower back, shoulders
23 I am unable to perform tasks as well as I used to, my judgment is clouded or not as good as it was
24 I find I have a greater dependency on alcohol, caffeine, nicotine or drugs
25 I find that I don’t have time for many interests / hobbies outside of work
A yes answer score = I (one), and a no answer score = 0 (zero). TOTALS



To find a stress adviser / counsellor in your area you can contact:

The International Stress Management Association (ISMAUK) on

T: 01179 697284 E: [email protected] W:

Registered Charity No 1088103 Company Limited by Guarantee No 4079657


Click Here To Download NSAd Stress Questionnaire

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Stress Management Questionnaire

I am attaching the ppt on stress management and also questionnaire.

Stress Management Worksheet
1.  Briefly describe the stressful situation you would like to work on.

2.  What are the signals or physical symptoms that tell you you're beginning to feel stressed?

3.  Where does the stress come from--the environment, your body, or your thoughts and expectations?
4.  What aspects of this stress can you control?

   What aspects of this stress are beyond your control?

5.  What are some of your thoughts, beliefs, and expectations that relate to this stress?
    (What do you criticize yourself for?  What negative things do you assume about               yourself? etc.)

6.  Write down some new things that you might assume about yourself and the situation that are more positive.  What might you say to yourself next time?

7.  When it does occur, what are you going to do to cope with it?

8. What are some things you're willing to do to take better care of yourself and prevent stress in the next few weeks?
 Click Here To Download Stress Management Worksheet
 Click Here To Download STRESS MANAGEMENT in PPT

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Grand Project on Stress Management Questionnaire

 I have Attached Grand Project on Stress Management Questionnaire.




I am Tasnim S. Vohra, doing MBA at S. K Patel Institute of Management studies. As a part of my curriculum, I am doing a project on Stress and Work Life Balance among Indian working women with respect to I.T and Banking industry. For the completion of my project, I would like to gather some information from you. I would be obliged if you co-operate me in filling the questionnaire. Since the questionnaire is being used for academic purpose, the information gathered will be strictly confidential.






Personal Information


A.      Name of company:    ________________________________________


B.      Age:    20 – 25 yrs [ ]             25-40 yrs [ ]                 40 – 60yrs [ ]


C.     Education:          _____________________


D.     Marital Status: I) Married ii) Unmarried iii) Widow IV) Divorcee


E.      If married, Do you have children? Yes / No


F.      If Yes, Number of children:    ______


G.     Family type: Joint / Nuclear


H.     Professional information


1.      Number of years of work experience:                                  _________yrs

2.      Number of years in present organization:                 _________yrs

I.    Level in Management:

Junior level     (  )

Middle level    (  )

Senior level     (  )




1.      Please read the following statements and give any one of the scores mentioned below:

1.  Strongly Agree 2. Agree 3. Neutral 4. Disagree 5. Strongly Disagree


Sr.No Score
1. I worry about the lay offs and dismissal in the company. 
2. I am able to meet out the demands of my job. 
3. Computers, pagers, cell phones and Internet have resulted in increasing pressure to constantly work at high performance levels. 
4. I feel comfortable to work with latest technologies in the organization. 
5. There is constant force on employees to learn new software all the times.
6. I am able to receive support from my boss, colleagues and juniors.
7. I am able to receive good support from my family members. 
8. I usually miss out quality time with my family and friends because of pressure of work. 
9. I suffer from stress related diseases like hypertension, obesity, diabetes, frequent headaches, etc 
10. I experience excessive work load. 
11. I work for long hours, on overtime and even on holidays. 




  1. From the following tick the factor that motivates you to work.



Personal satisfaction
Financial independence
Support from family
Constructive utilization of time
If Other  (please specify)




  1. Which of the following discrimination do you have ever feel at your work because of being a woman?


Factors Stronglyagree Agree Neutral Disagree StronglyDisagree
No/Less promotion opportunities
Lack of Mentoring 
Less access to important information
Lack of clear responsibilities and duties
Lack of career development opportunities





  1. Working Hours


Ø      How the following factors hinder or affect you in balancing your work and family commitments? (Tick the appropriate)



Factors Does notaffect Affectsometimes Affect Manytimes Alwaysaffects
Hours of work
Need to work on Holidays
Work from home after office hours
Traveling away from home





Ø      Rank according to their importance, the following factors, which will help you, balance your work and family commitments.

      (Rank from 1 to 5, with 1 being the most important)


Factors                                                                                                                  Ranks

More flexible working hours                                                                (   )

Work from home                                                                                  (   )

Time off for family emergencies & events                                          (   )

Time off during school holidays (if you are a mother)                        (   )

Job sharing                                                                                           (   )


  1. Support from others


Ø      How the following factors hinder or affect you in balancing your work and family commitments? (Tick the appropriate)



Factors Does notaffect Affectsometimes Affect Manytimes Alwaysaffects
Negative attitude ofsupervisors
Negative attitude ofcolleagues
Negative attitude ofspouse/family
Excessive householdwork




Ø      Rank the following factors that will help you balance your work and family commitments.

      (Rank from 1 to 5, with 1 being the most important)





Factors                                                 Ranks

Support from spouse                                                                              (   )

Support from family                                                                              (   )

Support from supervisor                                                                        (   )

Support from colleagues                                                                        (   )

Decrease in the load of household work                                                (   )





  1. Does your organization currently provide any of the work-life policies or programs?


Ø      Yes   

Ø      No    


If yes which policies/programs? ______________________






  1. Do you engage yourself in your own stress relieving and entertainment program?


Ø      Yes       

Ø      No        


               If yes specify from the following


  1. Yoga                                                            
  2. Physical exercise                                         
  3. Meeting Friends and relatives                     
  4. Watching Television                                   
  5. Other                                                           








Thank You



Click Here To Download Grand Project on Stress

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Stress Interview Questions

It include 27 Stress questions as follows:

1. Direct stress questions

• Do you consider standing in a line as stressed work?
• Define stress and when do you get stressed out?
• Are you able to work under stress?
• Please give us an example about you work with a team that faced stress from your experience?
• Why do you think it will conduce stress?
• What is the worst thing when you faced with stress?
• Which transaction is not good for your colleagues whom also faced the stress at the same time?
• How do you handle stress? What is the best thin or work you do when you are stressed out?

2. Stress questions by conflict

• Okay, if that’s the best answer you can give me. Then what about this question…?
• I don’t really feel like your answering the question. Could you please clarify / could you please start again?”

3. Stress questions Pressure

• How do you handle rejection?
• What is the worst thing that you have heard about our company?

4. Other stress questions

• Why are manhole covers round?
• Why did you switch to political science? Is it because you couldn’t handle engineering? Why did you do so poorly on this test?
• What kinds of people do you find it difficult to work with?
• What are some of the things that you find difficult to do?
• How would you evaluate me as an interviewer?
• What interests you least about this job?
• See this pen I’m holding? Sell it to me.
• You need to work a full whole one month because of quarter results nearby what reason will you give to exempt from the work?
• If you are a leader of the team, what could you do better than the truly leader?
• What do you think that you have learned from it?
• Would you like to have your boss’s job?
• Why should I hire an outsider when I could fill the job with someone inside the company?
• Why were you out of work for so long?
• If you caught a student cheating on their test, what would you do?
• How do you feel this interview is going?

Click Here To Download Stress Interview Questions

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