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Appreciation Mail for Successful Completion of Project

When a project gets completed, it is always a sweet gesture to appreciate the ones who have been involved in completing it. And in doing so, you would need an appreciation mail format. The appreciation mail example makes a perfect way to write an employee appreciation email.

If you wish to write one such mail then here is an appreciation mail sample. You can use the appreciation email template for creating a personalized email.

Appreciation Mail Format for Project Completion

Dear All,

Congratulating you all on successful completion of the project. As you all are aware that it was one of the most prestigious projects for our company and you all have worked really very hard to complete it within the time limit and make it a great success for all of us. We highly appreciate you for all the efforts and time you all have put it. We are aware that many of you had to work extra time for weeks so that we are able to fall within the deadlines.

We are grateful to all the team members who were involved in the project and we highly appreciate your hard work.


Bob Harley

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List of Important Duties of a Project Manager

Project manager is one person who is responsible for managing a project on the whole. There is a large variation in his duties and roles from one industry to another and one company to another. Hence, there is no such very specific list of duties that are performed by a project manager. But there are certain key HR duties and responsibilities which every project manager has to perform.

This article brings to you all those key duties which every project manager must perform in order to be successful. These set of duties are very much helpful for him in carrying our various other duties that he is expected to perform.


This is one of the most important duties of a project manager. It is for him to create a plan of action depending upon what needs to be accomplished, who will be working to accomplish the task and what are the requirements to make it happen. These are some of the planning areas in which he needs to be involved so that he is able to chart out everything using his planning skills. But it is not a onetime task but it goes on throughout the project. This is very important in bringing clarity in the project and its objectives so that the team can work with a clear state of mind and knows what it is suppose to do.


This is another very essential duty that you have to perform as project manager. It is about undertaking all the tasks concerning your planning and creating a team structure accordingly so that all the tasks can be accomplished in a clean and clear manner. As a project manager, you are required to allot all different kinds of resources into various heads keeping in mind the structure of the company. You are required to identify different roles, positions and responsibilities. List out all the services that will be provided by external sources and also define a structure of your project team in order to bring clarity of roles one needs to perform.


Project Manager must be a good leader. He needs to know how to put his plan into execution so that he is able to achieve his project objectives. He needs to take all of his team together as one entity and motivate them to deliver the best of their performances in order to meet the objectives. For this, he needs to have soft skills like clarity in communication, ability to motivate his teammates, act as problem solver etc. Leading the team is very important to give directions to the team and assign tasks to each team member so that there is coordination in work.


Another role that you are required to perform as the project manager is making sure that your project is meeting all the standards that you had set for it. It is very important to ensure at every step that your project is on track and work hard to keep it on the right path. To do that, you need to follow a simple process which includes three steps:

  1. Measure the performance
  2. Evaluate the performance by finding out causes for deviation from standards
  3. Taking corrective actions to alter deviations

These are the basic duties of a project manager which are very helpful in delivering a high class performance. So if you are planning to apply for this post, make sure you are able to perform all these functions.

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Questionnaire on Attrition in BPO/KPO Industry

I have attached Questionnaire on attrition in BPO/KPO industry.


1. Name of the organization:

2. Strength of the Organization (Less than 50, 50-100, More than 100):

3. Address of the Organization:

4. Name of the Respondent (Optional):

5. Designation of the Respondent (Compulsory):



  1. 1.     This questionnaire is required to be filled only by the employees of the BPO/KPO industry belonging to the level at which there is high Attrition. Please express your opinion without hesitation. Details provided by you will be kept confidential.


  1. 2.      If you are using soft copy of this questionnaire, fill the answers in any color other than    black.
  2. 3.      If you are using hard copy, please use any color pen, but not pencil.
  3. 4.       Questionnaire is divided into Part 1 and Part 2
  • Part 1 –The objective is to assess the Attrition level in the organization.
  • Part 2- The objective is to assess the employee satisfaction level with the    organization.
  1. 5.      Q.3 from Part-I is very crucial for the successful accomplishment of the project. Please read and answer it carefully.
  2. 6.       If you want to share any extra information, you can add it at the end.
  3. 7.      Please do not alter any question and options.






1. What is the Attrition Rate in your Company at an entry level?


  1. Between 20%-30%
  2. Between 30%-40%
  3. Between 40%-50%
  4. Between 50%-60%
  5. 60% & above






2. What is the Attrition rate in your company at the managerial level?


  1. Between 20%-30%
  2. Between 30%-40%
  3. 40% &above






3. There is a high Attrition rate prevailing in your organization due to the following reasons.

(Tick and rank them. Also roughly specify the percentage mix of each of the causes.)

    For e.g. If Stagnation in the career path leads to high rate of Attrition in your company,        

                   Then rank it 1st and percentage say for e.g. 40%.

Sr. No. Causes Ranking Percentages
1. Poaching of employees by other Competitive BPO’s (Attraction for the better Salary Packages elsewhere).
2. Stagnation in career path
3. Long Duty Hours
4. Night Shifts
5. Unfavorable HR policies (policies of termination of employees at regular intervals, at the end of the contract period of employment).
6. Monotonous Work which offers no Challenge.
7. Lack of Promotion
8. Higher Education
9. Insufficient Leave
10. Physical & Psychological strain
11. No personal life
12. Uneasy relationship with Peers and Managers
13. Career in BPO is not viewed as secured in long term basis.
14. No fixed leave (Employees are not entitled for national holidays as the company works with client calendar).
15. No skill up gradation of the employee.
16. Lack of Training provided to deal with the foreign clients.
17. Lack of rewards and benefits provided for better performance.
18 Lack of benefits provided(poor quality of cabs used for drop, poor canteen facilities, unhygienic food)


If, according to you there are several other reasons which lead to high Attrition in your company, please mention them at the end without fail.



  1. How many rounds of interview you went through during your selection process?
  2. One
  3. Two
  4. Three
  5. Four
  6. Five



  1. Which psychological tests were conducted during your selection process?


  1. Aptitude Test
  2. Achievement Test (aims at testing the skills and knowledge acquired from the training programmes and the job experience.)
  3. Personality test
  4. Stress test
  5. If others or additional, please specify.






  1. How do you find the training provided by your superiors?


  1. Good
  2. Average
  3. Bad










  1. Are you satisfied with the working conditions prevailing in your company?


  1. Yes
  2. No





  1. What are the techniques of job design adopted for you?


  1. Job Simplification( One single job is assigned)
  2. Job Rotation(Movement from one job to another)
  3. If others, please Specify






  1. Are you satisfied with the technique of job design adopted for you?


  1. Yes
  2. No






  1. Are you satisfied with your Current CTC?


  1. Yes
  2. No







  1. Is Performance Appraisal done half yearly or yearly?






  1. Does Performance Appraisal always lead to the hike in your salary?


  1. Yes
  2. No






  1. Are you satisfied with the Performance Appraisal system in your company?


  1. Yes
  2. No






  1. Are you satisfied with the reward and incentive system in your company?


  1. Yes
  2. No






  1. Do you get the required motivation from your superiors?


  1. Yes
  2. No






  1. Are you satisfied with the career planning steps taken by your organization?


  1. Yes
  2. No








  1. 14.  Any other information you would like to share pertaining to the above questions.

































THANK YOU        


Click Here To Download Project On Attrition in BPO KPO Industry

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Grand Project on Stress Management Questionnaire

 I have Attached Grand Project on Stress Management Questionnaire.




I am Tasnim S. Vohra, doing MBA at S. K Patel Institute of Management studies. As a part of my curriculum, I am doing a project on Stress and Work Life Balance among Indian working women with respect to I.T and Banking industry. For the completion of my project, I would like to gather some information from you. I would be obliged if you co-operate me in filling the questionnaire. Since the questionnaire is being used for academic purpose, the information gathered will be strictly confidential.






Personal Information


A.      Name of company:    ________________________________________


B.      Age:    20 – 25 yrs [ ]             25-40 yrs [ ]                 40 – 60yrs [ ]


C.     Education:          _____________________


D.     Marital Status: I) Married ii) Unmarried iii) Widow IV) Divorcee


E.      If married, Do you have children? Yes / No


F.      If Yes, Number of children:    ______


G.     Family type: Joint / Nuclear


H.     Professional information


1.      Number of years of work experience:                                  _________yrs

2.      Number of years in present organization:                 _________yrs

I.    Level in Management:

Junior level     (  )

Middle level    (  )

Senior level     (  )




1.      Please read the following statements and give any one of the scores mentioned below:

1.  Strongly Agree 2. Agree 3. Neutral 4. Disagree 5. Strongly Disagree


Sr.No Score
1. I worry about the lay offs and dismissal in the company. 
2. I am able to meet out the demands of my job. 
3. Computers, pagers, cell phones and Internet have resulted in increasing pressure to constantly work at high performance levels. 
4. I feel comfortable to work with latest technologies in the organization. 
5. There is constant force on employees to learn new software all the times.
6. I am able to receive support from my boss, colleagues and juniors.
7. I am able to receive good support from my family members. 
8. I usually miss out quality time with my family and friends because of pressure of work. 
9. I suffer from stress related diseases like hypertension, obesity, diabetes, frequent headaches, etc 
10. I experience excessive work load. 
11. I work for long hours, on overtime and even on holidays. 




  1. From the following tick the factor that motivates you to work.



Personal satisfaction
Financial independence
Support from family
Constructive utilization of time
If Other  (please specify)




  1. Which of the following discrimination do you have ever feel at your work because of being a woman?


Factors Stronglyagree Agree Neutral Disagree StronglyDisagree
No/Less promotion opportunities
Lack of Mentoring 
Less access to important information
Lack of clear responsibilities and duties
Lack of career development opportunities





  1. Working Hours


Ø      How the following factors hinder or affect you in balancing your work and family commitments? (Tick the appropriate)



Factors Does notaffect Affectsometimes Affect Manytimes Alwaysaffects
Hours of work
Need to work on Holidays
Work from home after office hours
Traveling away from home





Ø      Rank according to their importance, the following factors, which will help you, balance your work and family commitments.

      (Rank from 1 to 5, with 1 being the most important)


Factors                                                                                                                  Ranks

More flexible working hours                                                                (   )

Work from home                                                                                  (   )

Time off for family emergencies & events                                          (   )

Time off during school holidays (if you are a mother)                        (   )

Job sharing                                                                                           (   )


  1. Support from others


Ø      How the following factors hinder or affect you in balancing your work and family commitments? (Tick the appropriate)



Factors Does notaffect Affectsometimes Affect Manytimes Alwaysaffects
Negative attitude ofsupervisors
Negative attitude ofcolleagues
Negative attitude ofspouse/family
Excessive householdwork




Ø      Rank the following factors that will help you balance your work and family commitments.

      (Rank from 1 to 5, with 1 being the most important)





Factors                                                 Ranks

Support from spouse                                                                              (   )

Support from family                                                                              (   )

Support from supervisor                                                                        (   )

Support from colleagues                                                                        (   )

Decrease in the load of household work                                                (   )





  1. Does your organization currently provide any of the work-life policies or programs?


Ø      Yes   

Ø      No    


If yes which policies/programs? ______________________






  1. Do you engage yourself in your own stress relieving and entertainment program?


Ø      Yes       

Ø      No        


               If yes specify from the following


  1. Yoga                                                            
  2. Physical exercise                                         
  3. Meeting Friends and relatives                     
  4. Watching Television                                   
  5. Other                                                           








Thank You



Click Here To Download Grand Project on Stress

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Best Topic for doing HR Project

List of Project Topics for Human Resource Management

  • Performance Management System
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Training and Development
  • Compensation Management
  • SWOT Analysis of HRM in Indian/Global Industry/Sectors
  • Competency Mapping
  • Role of HR in TQM
  • Skills management
  • Labor Laws, Labor Relations and Grievance Handling
  • Leadership Development
  • Management Development
  • Job Enrichment
  • Talent identification and Management
  • Utility of HR in Change Management
  • Motivation and Stress Management
  • Group Dynamics
  • Employee Research
  • Team building
  • HRM Policy
  • Organizational Behavior


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Project Time-line Template

Uploading a model Project Time-line Template.

Click Here To Download Project Timeline Template

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Project Schedule Planer

Uploading a model template of Project Schedule Planer.

Click Here To Download Event Scheduler

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Useful Format Questionnaire for Recruitment and Selection Project

I had done one format of Questionnaire for Recruitment and Selection. It may be useful to some people.


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