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Resignation Letter to Quit Because of Poor Management

If you wish to resign from your job because of poor management at your workplace then you can always write a resignation letter to quit because of poor management addressed to your boss or manager. You can clearly mention the reason because of which you wish to resign from your job.

In this post, we have come up with a format for resignation letter to quit because of poor management. You can use this resignation letter example for creating a customized letter to send.

Format for Resignation Letter to Quit Due to Poor Management


Richard Smith

54, Henry Street

New York

Date: Sept 24, 2023


Mr. Adam Brown

HR Manager

Zenith Technologies

New York

Sub: Resignation letter

Dear Mr. Adam,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I have decided to resign from my job with Zenith Technologies which will be effective from Sept 30th, 2023. The reason for taking such a decision is that working at the office is becoming complicated and difficult because of the poor management.

There have been quite a few times that I have written letters to management to bring their attention towards the poor management at the office which adds on to the challenges at work. The poorly management documents and reports always cause a problem in day to day working. I tried hard but it is getting very difficult for me to work under these circumstances as I prefer keeping my work organized.

I would have loved to work with the company for more time but unfortunately, I will not be able to move ahead with it. I will happy to help you with this transition. Do let me know need any assistance from my side.

Thanking you.


Richard Smith

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Request For Change In Designation-Letter Format in Word

When an employee joins an organization, he is given a certain designation to perform his role. Over a period of time, if he is performing well and additional responsibilities are given, he may be given a change of designation. This change of designation may or may not result in a hike in salary or a promotion. It could be for the convenience of management or the employee because he is performing more roles than previously decided. This change in designation could make his role more clearly understood by him, and bring more clarity to the management, and to others who are working with him.

Request For Change In Designation Letter Format


The VP,

HR department,

Margadarshi chits,


Respected sir,

I am associated with your organization for the past two years and joined as an accountant. I have been recording the statement of accounts, maintaining the books of accounts and recording petty cash expenses. But I would like to bring to your kind notice that for the past six months, my job role was enriched by giving additional responsibilities. I am also asked to do budgeting, cost accounting and management accounting. So I request you to change my designation from Account to financial controller. Kindly consider my request. Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Prakash Jha

Click here to Download Request For Change In Designation Letter Format in Word

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Sample Suggestion Letter to Management

Good organizations always welcome suggestions. They encourage their employees to contribute to the working of the company by suggesting more creative and beneficial ideas. But you cannot randomly make a suggestion. To do that, you must write a formal suggestion letter to your boss politely mentioning him a different plan of action or advice for doing some specific thing. You must have a logical reason to support your advice to make it more valuable.

If you too have a suggestion to make to the management and you are not sure of how to put it across then here is a sample template of suggestion letter to boss. Read it and use it as per your need by customizing it as required.

Sample Format of Suggestion Letter to Management

Bob Marlow

55 Raymond Street

New York

Date: 11th May, 2015

Richard Smith

Managing Director

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Harry Park, Herald Street,

New York

Dear Mr. Smith,

The purpose of writing this letter is to put forward the views of the marketing team on usage of team funds sanctioned by the company in a more beneficial manner. As per the company’s policy, every quarter, every team is the organization is entitled for an entertainment fund. There are various activities which are held during the duration the sum of which is added to this fund. This time we have managed to have a bigger sum of money which can be put to a more constructive use.

As a common consensus, it has been decided by the whole team that we would be spending this funds for this quarter for donating it to the old age home located next to our office. It would be a far better use of money to buy clothes and other useful things for the old people. We feel that doing such kind of an activity once in a while is always good.

All the members of the team have discussed about this idea and all have agreed to put this plan to action. If you wish then we can have our team discuss on the same during a meetings.

Anxiously waiting for your response.

Thanking You.


Bob Marlow

Manager, Marketing Department,

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

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Guide To Manage Part-Time Employees in Summers

Summers are the times when you can hire lots of part-time employees who can be really beneficial for your business. There are various stores and restaurants that hire seasonal staff which includes college interns. If you are also doing so then here is an article unfolding the useful tips on managing the part-time summer employees in an effective way. Make sure you read this comprehensive guide and keep it organized or else it can turn into a big mess for you.

Follow these tips to make optimum utilization of these seasonal job seekers. Here are some points that you must consider.

It Begins With Faith

Faith is the first and foremost point. It is difficult for managers to trust seasonal employees as they know that they are in the company for a couple of months and hence they cannot resist themselves from keeping a check on them. But then this adversely affects the performance of the employees. So make sure that you trust them and they will be able to deliver better performance. You must have confidence that you have hired the right person.

Do Not Pay Pennies

It is just not fair to pay these part-time workers pennies because they are joining you just for summer time. A fair pay is important to motivate the workers and to keep them committed and energetic. You must pay them a competitive price for their work so that they don’t feel exploited. Also make sure that you take into account the laws on minimum wages, taxes etc. so that you are following all the laws.

Keep Standards High

It is all about expectations. The more you expect from your employees, the harder they work in order to meet your expectations. Do think that because there are joining you for a couple of weeks so they are not going to perform. In fact you must think that they are the fresh and energetic lot and they have the potential to set new records. If you are able to express your high expectations then they will work hard to meet them.

Train Them

It is extremely important that when you are hiring new summer interns you train them. Without giving them a basic training about how your company functions, what role they need to play, what responsibilities they need to shoulder, it will become very difficult for them to understand the working and deliver expected performance. But when you train them and educate them about all of these points, they are able to deliver better performance.

Make Them a Part of the Team

As the summer employees are going to be around for a couple of months, it is important that they are treated as the part of the organization. For that you must introduce them with the other team members so that they feel comfortable. You can have a small introduction session where you can have them introduced with your staff. You must also give them name tags or IDs to bring a consistency.

Design Projects for More Commitment

Instead of giving them just any task, you must allot them small summer projects so that they work with greater commitment and focus. You need to understand that they are coming to you to learn something, to gain some experience. You must not allot them with simply anything but a proper project which will help them stay committed to their work and they will make sure that they are able to complete it with desired output. This way they will be able to learn something and have this experience added to their resume.

Allow Them Experience Various Aspects

Do not just limit them to one thing. As they are here for a small time, they feel disconnected. To help them learn better, you must help them touch different aspects of the working instead of just one thing. This will help them have a macro view of the company’s working which will help them have better understanding of business processes. This will bring more clarity in the way they look at companies and their working.

Don’t Miss on Feedback

When you have a seasonal employee in your company, you must always ask him for feedback on different things to get a different view on the present status. This is a good way of bringing in notice the problem areas in your company and resolve the conflicting situations that are adversely affecting the performance of your organization.

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Cover Letter for Promotion to Management Position

Sometimes it is not enough to put in years of hard work and simply expect for your promotion to happen. Sometimes you need to make an initiative to bring in notice to your manager that during this time frame you have earned additional skills which make you fit for a managerial position.

If you are planning to apply for the management position with your same employee then it is important that you must submit your resume with a beautifully drafted cover letter which can explain your potentials and capabilities.

Here is a sample format for the cover letter for promotion to a management position given for your quick and easy reference.

Example of Cover Letter for Promotion to Management Position

Dear Mr. Andrew Smith,

I would like to formally apply for the position of Assistant Communications Manager in the Corporate Communications Department which has openings at present. As you know, I possess an extensive experience working with the company. I started my career with the company as a management trainee and this association is now 5 years long.

Because I have worked in Human Resources and Marketing departments, I understand the style of communicating your thoughts and ideas to others. I have developed exceptional writing and editing skills that have strengthen my ability to communicate.

My resume has a mention of all the accomplishments I have made during this tenure and how they will be helpful in performing my duties as an Assistant Communications Manager.

I appreciate your consideration. I look forward to discuss my potential for this profile with a promise to take our company to newer heights.

Best Regards,


Adam Smith

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Job Promotion Cover Letter for a Retail Job
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Thank You Letter to a Boss for a Promotion
Tips and Advice on Getting a Promotion

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How to Write a Cover Letter for a Management Position With sample

Writing a cover letter for management positions is an important task and you must make sure that you some extra time in drafting a professional draft which contains all the information about your management skills and abilities which are helpful in differentiating you from the rest of the employees.

Here are some steps which are must to be kept in mind for being able to write a good cover letter for management position followed by a professionally drafted example.

Steps to Write Cover Letter for Management Position

  • Contact Information
    The first and the foremost section of your cover letter should contain your contact information so that the employer doesn’t have to look for means to get in touch with you.

Your Name
Your Address
Your City and State along with Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address

  • Date
  • Employer Contact Information
    City, State, Zip Code
  • Salutation

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name

  • Body of Cover Letter

It must contain the information about what position you are applying for along with why the employer should select you for an interview.

  • First Paragraph
    The first paragraph should contain information stating reasons for writing the letter. Mention the position for which you are applying. Be clear and concise about the request you are making.
  • Middle Paragraphs
    This section of should describe about all the things you can offer the employer. You need to develop a strong connection between your qualities and abilities and their requirements.
  • Final Paragraph
    Conclude your cover letter with a thanking note for the employer for giving his time to consider you for the position. Also include information on how he can get in touch with you.
  • Complimentary Close

Close your letter by writing

Respectfully yours,


Handwritten Signature (for a hard copy letter)

Typed Signature

Sample of Cover Letter for Management Position

Adam Smith
25, Richmond Street
New York
Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1234-5678

Date: 10.11.14

Dennis Mark
Global Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
12, Park Avenue Street,
New York

Dear Mr. Mark,

I have an experience of working with different organizations in last 12 years. After making contributions to their growth and success, I am now seeking new challenges with a company which is in need of an employee with exceptional planning, management abilities and leadership.

Please find my resume attached with the letter which contains a briefing of my experience in project management, strategic planning, revenue growth, cost reduction etc. I have the ability to predict the needs of the organization and create unique solutions for a profitable outcome and this has proved to be one of my greatest qualities. I also excel at streamlining less efficient procedures to ensure highest productivity and sales that add to growth of the company.

I am positive that my strong commitment to high ethical standards, proven leadership skills and ability to design strategic plans will be very helpful in defining new standards for Global Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It would be my pleasure to have a chance to talk about my qualifications with you in detail.

I understand that how busy you keep. If you wish to schedule an interview then please let me know.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Signature (hard copy letter)

Adam Smith

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Stress Management

Stress management refers to a wide spectrum of techniques and psychotherapies aimed at controlling a person’s levels of stress, especially chronic stress, usually for the purpose of improving everyday functioning.

I have attached a PPT on stress management. Hope you all find it useful and helpful

Click Here To Download Stress Management


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Knowledge Management Questionnaire

 I have attached Knowledge management questionnaire.


Knowledge Management in Industries

I am XXX XXX pursuing Ph.D. in Pondicherry University on “KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES” in industries. I request you to please fill in the questionnaire to facilitate the completion of the same.

Introduction:Knowledge management is the systematic process of finding, selecting, organizing, distilling and presenting information.   This project is to find the KM practices used in industries, Benefits and challenges faced in the implementation of KM practices.


Name               :   _________________                      Designation       :  ________________

Organisation     :   _________________                Place                      :  ________________

  1. What is the type of industry?

i)        Manufacturing               ii)Service                      iii) IT & ITES               iv)  Others

2)      How old is the company?

i)        < 2 years                ii) 2- 5 years                       iii) 5-10 years        iv)  >10years

3)      What is the size of your company? (number of employees)

i)        < 50                 ii)51-100                      iii) 100 -250                 iv) > 250

4)Describe your business model:

i) Business 2 Business   ii) Business to Consumer           iii) Other

Please put a   mark  in the appropriate box wherever required.

5) What do you think of Knowledge Management (KM)?

a)   Never heard of it.                                                                                       [  ]

b)      Something they are already doing but not under the same name.                   [  ]

c)      It is just a management fad.                                                      [  ]

d)      It is strategic part of their business.                                                              [  ]

e)      Something that could be beneficial for the organisation.             [  ]

f)        If any other, please specify  __________________________________________

6)  According to you, what is knowledge management?

1.a technological concept: ‘the use of information technology to capture data

and information in order to manage knowledge’                                                 [  ]

2. a business-focused approach: ‘the collection of processes that govern the

creation, dissemination, and utilisation of knowledge to fulfil organisational

objectives’                                                                                                                    [  ]

3. a situation where no visible processes are used but it is ’simply the ability to

manage “knowledge’’ ’                                                                                     [  ]

4. about intellectual assets: ‘taking the form of documents and information

bases’.                                                                                                                         [  ]

7) Does your organization recognize knowledge as a part of their asset base?

a)   Yes                  [  ]                 b)  No               [  ]              c)   Can’t say     [  ]

8) Does your firm or organisation

  1. Has a written knowledge management policy or strategy
  2. Has a values system or culture intended to promote knowledge sharing
  3. Has policies or programs intended to improve worker retention
  4. Uses partnerships or strategic alliances to acquire knowledge

9) What is the attitude of senior management w.r.t. KM in your organization ?

a)   Sees it as very important and provides full support.                                      [  ]

b)   Sees it as very important but hardly supports it.                                           [  ]

c)   Sees it as a waste and hardly bothers.                                                         [  ]

d)   Was very supportive in the beginning but now lost interest. [  ]


10) Indicate which sources triggered your firm or organisation to put into effect the knowledge Management practices that you currently use. (Select whichever is applicable)

Internal          Mgt                Non –mgt workers                    union active in the workplace
External     i)Firm or organisation with  which you have a strategic Alliance, joint   venture or consortium

ii)Universities, technical colleges, public labs or business school

iii)Professional, trade or industrial associations or federations



v) Consultants


vi) Suppliers


vii)  Customers or clients

Knowledge Sharing / Knowledge acquisition / knowledge capture

12) Which technologies have you implemented in your organisation?

(please tick whichever is applicable)

a)  Internet              [  ]                 b)   Data warehousing                                     [  ]

c)  Intranet              [  ]                 d)   Knowledge management software             [  ]

e)  Extranet             [  ]                 f)    Decision support system                            [  ]

g)  Groupware        [  ]                 h)   Data management system                          [  ]

i)  E Commerce   [  ]                  j)   Automated Manufacturing                     [  ]

k) Quality circles  [  ]                l)    “Communities of Practice*(CoP’s)         [  ]

* An informal, self-organising group of people in the organisation, brought together by common interest who share expertise and solve problems together.

14) Which Knowledge management methodologies are used in your firm?

a)  Training                                                                                            [  ]

b) Attending workshops, conferences                                                    [  ]

c)  Exit Interviews                                                                                 [  ]

d)  Mentoring                                                                                       [  ]

e)  Documentation                                                                           [  ]

f)  Retiree programs                                                                              [  ]

g)   Coaching                                                                                        [  ]

h)   Rotational assignments                                                                     [  ]

i)   Collaborations with  R & D centres, Educational institutions,

Technological agreements etc.                                                         [  ]

j) Active R & D department                                                                 [  ]

15.  Your firm or organisation regularly

  1. captures and uses knowledge obtained from other industry sources such as industrial associations, competitors, clients and suppliers                              [  ]
  2. captures and uses knowledge obtained from public research institutions including universities and government laboratories                                                       [  ]
  3. dedicates resources to detecting and obtaining external knowledge and communicating it within your firm or organisation                                          [  ]
  4. encourages workers to participate in project teams with external experts      [  ]

Training and mentoring

16. Your firm or organisation

  1. Provides formal training related to knowledge management practices      [  ]
  2. Provides informal training related to knowledge management                      [  ]
  3. Uses formal mentoring practices including apprenticeships                          [  ]
  4. Encourages experienced workers to transfer their knowledge to new or less experienced workers                                                                                        [  ]
  5. Encourages workers to continue their education by reimbursing tuition fees for successfully comleted work-related courses                                                   [  ]
  6. Offers off-site training to workers in order to keep skills current                   [  ]


17. In your firm or organisation workers share knowledge or information by

  1. Regularly updating databases of good work practices, lessons learned or listings of experts
  2. Preparing written documentation such as lessons learned, training manuals, good work practices, articles for publication, etc. (ORganisational memory)
  3. Facilitating collaborative work by projects teams that are physically separated (Virtual teams)

Knowledge organisation and retrieval

18. The extent to which knowledge is shared within the organization and assess whether knowledge information is easily accessed.

Knowledge Shared

To a Great Extent

To Some Extent

Not Shared

Don’t know

I Know Where to Access this Information

Information about key customers






Information about customer satisfaction
Information about competitors
Information about future plans
Information about senior management decisions
Information about the use of technology
Information about processes
Information about new initiatives
Information about other business functions
Information about training and
development opportunities
Information about team and individual successes


19. How much time does it take for an employee to get the relevant knowledge document in your organization ?

a)   A few minutes   [  ]                c)   A few days                    [  ]

b)   A few hours      [  ]                d)   Week or more               [  ]


Reasons for  KM Practices

Critically important Important Somehwat important Not much Not at all important
To improve the compeititve advantage of your firm or organsiation
To help integrate knowledge within your firm or organisation
To improve the capture and use of knowledge from sources outside your firm or organization
To improve sharing or transferring of knowledge with partners in strategic alliances, joint ventures or consortia
To increase efficiency by using knowledge to improve production processes
To protect your firm or organsiation from loss of knowledge due to worker’s departures
To train workers to meet strategic objectives of your firm or organisation
To increase worker acceptance of innovations
To increase worker acceptance innovations

20. Reasons knowledge management practices are used in your firm or organisation

Benefits of Using Knowledge Management Practices

22.Effectiveness of results of using knowledge management practices (Very effective, effective, somewhat effective, not effective)

Very effective effective Neutral Not muchEffective Not at all effective
Increased our knowledge sharing horizontally(across departments, functions or business units)
Increased our knowledge sharing vertically (Up the organizational hierarchy)
Improved worker efficiency and/or productivity
Improved skills and knowledge of workers
Increased our number of markets (more geographic locations)
Improved client or customer relations
Helped us add new products or services
Increased our adaptation of products or services to client requirements
Increased flexibility in production and innovation 
Prevented duplicate research and development
Improved our corporate or organizational memory
Increased our ability to capture knowledge from public research institutions including universities and government laboratories
Increased our ability to capture knowledge from other business enterprises, industrial associations, technical literature etc.
Improved involvement of workers in the workplace activities


Spending on kM practices

23. So the KM practices currently in use in your firm or organisation have dedicated budgets or spending?

If yes, what percentage of expenditure is dedicated to Knowledge Management Practices?

i)<5 %              ii)5-10%                       iii)10 – 20%     iv) >20%

Knowledge Retention

24.What do you think are the factors influencing Knowledge retention in your organization ?    (Rank the factors given below from 1 – 5  on your choice of preference)

a) Employees leaving for a better job elsewhere                         [  ]

b) Retirement                                                                                          [  ]

c) Promotion                                                                                          [  ]

d) Relocation                                                                                          [  ]

e) Downsizing and external factors                                                          [  ]

25.What are the problems faced by you in using IT for Knowledge Management?

(Rank the factors given below from 1 – 8  on your choice of preference)

a)    Lack of training.                                                                                         [  ]

b)   System too much complicated.                                                                    [  ]

c)   Lack of identifying the proper IT tool                                                      [  ]

d)   Lack of time to learn.                                                                                 [  ]

e)   Lack of user uptake due to insufficient  communication.       [  ]

f)    Every day use did not integrate into normal working practice.                       [  ]

g)   Unsuccessful due to technical problems.                                                      [  ]

h)   If any other ,please specify ___________________________________________

Challenges in implementing KM practices

26. What are the problems faced by you in using IT for Knowledge Management?

(Rank the factors given below from 1 – 8  on your choice of preference)

a)    Lack of training.                                                                                         [  ]

b)   System too much complicated.                                                                    [  ]

c)   Lack of identifying the proper IT tool                                                      [  ]

d)   Lack of time to learn.                                                                                 [  ]

e)   Lack of user uptake due to insufficient  communication.       [  ]

f)    Every day use did not integrate into normal working practice.                       [  ]

g)   Unsuccessful due to technical problems.                                                      [  ]

27. What is the biggest hurdle in effective implementation of KM in your organization ?

1.Changing people’s behaviour from knowledge hoarding to knowledge sharing.             [  ]

2.Lack of understanding of KM and its benefits.                                                             [  ]

3.Determining what kind of knowledge to be managed & making it available.                  [  ]

4.justifying the use of scarce resources for KM.                                                              [  ]

5.Lack of top management commitment to KM.                                                             [  ]

6.Overcoming technological limitations.                                                                          [  ]

7.Attracting & retaining talented people.                                                                         [  ]


28. Please mention your perception on the satisfaction level of the strategy does your organisation use for KM?

(Rank the factors given below as VS – Very Suitable, S – Suitable, M – Medium, NS – Not Suitable, NAS – Not at all suitable  on your choice of preference)

a)   KM as a business strategy.                                                                         [  ]

b)      Transfer of knowledge & best practices.                                                     [  ]

c)      Customer focused knowledge.                                                                    [  ]

d)      Personal responsibility for knowledge.                                                         [  ]

e)      Innovation and knowledge creation.                                                            [  ]

f)        If any other, please specify ___________________________________________


Responsibility for knowledge management practices

32. Which of the following groups is responsible for the knowledge management practices Currently in use in your firm or organization?

  1. HR                                                                               [  ]
  2. IT                                                                                 [  ]
  3. Knowledge management unit                                         [  ]
  4. Library / documentation centre                          [  ]
  5. Executive management team                                          [  ]
  6. Don’t know                                                                  [  ]


33.  Are there any knowledge management practices that your firm or or oraganisation uses that we have not included in the survey?

  • No
  • Yes, Please specify


Click Here To Download Questionnaire in Knowledge Management

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Leave Register Template In Excel

Use the attached excel template to maintain the leave register manually.

Leave Balance – Master Data Actual Leave Eligible Balance Leave Apr-12 May-12 Jun-12 Jul-12 Aug-12 Sep-12 Oct-12
SL. NO EMP CODE NAME LOCATION SITTING LOCATION D.O.J CASUAL LEAVE SICK KEAVE Privilege Leave CASUAL LEAVE SICK KEAVE Privilege Leave WORKING DAYS CL GIVEN SL GIVEN PL GIVEN Actual Leave Taken LOP PAID LEAVE Total Days Worked Days to be processed WORKING DAYS CL GIVEN SL GIVEN PL GIVEN Actual Leave Taken LOP PAID LEAVE Total Days Worked Days to be processed WORKING DAYS CL GIVEN SL GIVEN PL GIVEN Actual Leave Taken LOP PAID LEAVE Total Days Worked Days to be processed WORKING DAYS CL GIVEN SL GIVEN PL GIVEN Actual Leave Taken LOP PAID LEAVE Total Days Worked Days to be processed WORKING DAYS CL GIVEN SL GIVEN PL GIVEN Actual Leave Taken LOP PAID LEAVE Total Days Worked Days to be processed WORKING DAYS CL GIVEN SL GIVEN PL GIVEN Actual Leave Taken LOP PAID LEAVE Total Days Worked Days to be processed WORKING DAYS CL GIVEN SL GIVEN PL GIVEN Actual Leave Taken LOP PAID LEAVE Total Days Worked Days to be processed
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 30 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


Click Here To Download Leave Management


Search Sample Formats:

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Stress Management Questionnaire

I am attaching the ppt on stress management and also questionnaire.

Stress Management Worksheet
1.  Briefly describe the stressful situation you would like to work on.

2.  What are the signals or physical symptoms that tell you you're beginning to feel stressed?

3.  Where does the stress come from--the environment, your body, or your thoughts and expectations?
4.  What aspects of this stress can you control?

   What aspects of this stress are beyond your control?

5.  What are some of your thoughts, beliefs, and expectations that relate to this stress?
    (What do you criticize yourself for?  What negative things do you assume about               yourself? etc.)

6.  Write down some new things that you might assume about yourself and the situation that are more positive.  What might you say to yourself next time?

7.  When it does occur, what are you going to do to cope with it?

8. What are some things you're willing to do to take better care of yourself and prevent stress in the next few weeks?
 Click Here To Download Stress Management Worksheet
 Click Here To Download STRESS MANAGEMENT in PPT

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