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Appendix Core Competency Workshop

I have Attached Appendix Core Competency Workshop

Appendix 2

Workshop on Identifying Employee Core Competencies



To identify employee core competencies; or competencies that should be possessed by all employees regardless of their functions.



Top executive level or General Manager



1 day



  • This one-day workshop will basically comprise of two sessions:
    • Session 1 : Explaining the link between firms’ core capabilities and employee core competencies.
    • Session 2 : Identifying Employee Core Competencies.


  • The process of identifying employee core competencies will typically entail the following questions:
  1. What are the five or six critical things your organization needs to do well to accomplish your strategy successfully?
  2. Where do you currently have the capabilities you need to win in the future?  Where don’t you have the capabilities?  Where are the biggest gaps between what you have and what you need to win?
  3. Have you identified how these needed capabilities translate into people skills/competencies?  If so, what are the major skills/competencies required?

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Core Hr Training Programme

 I have Attached Core Hr Training Programme


H-NO.F.202 IInd floor ,Sree Sree Towers




             Mail id:      [email protected]


                  Core HR Training Program


RAMSON’S HRD INSTITUTE: has set the objective of providing an opportunity to all individuals, who wish to acquire basic skills on general management. In this endeavor it seeks to make available the fundamentals (practical) knowledge to those who have not been fortunate to undergo full-time training courses on Management studies at Institutes or collages, due to various reasons.


We have successfully completed 33 batches and more than 260 candidates have been trained so far.


Eligibility: All individuals who want to improve their career, employability and general management skills can attend the following Programs.



Recruitment Procedure

  • Meaning of Recruitment
  • Find out the source of Recruitment
  • Factors effecting Recruitment.
  • Selection methods.
  • Joining Formalities


Training & Development

  • Meaning of Training & Development
  • Importance of Training.
  • Benefits of Training
  • Need for Training.
  • Assessment Methods.
  • Identification of Training needs.
  • Learning Principles.
  • Learning Problems
  • Training Methods
  • ISO Documentation



Basic Performance Appraisal Methods

  • Meaning of Performance Appraisal
  • Purpose of PMS.
  • Contents of Performance Appraisal
  • Problems of Performance Appraisal
  • Methods of Performance Appraisal



Brief Explanation on Industrial Laws Such as


  • Factories Act – 1948
  • Industrial Dispute Act – 1947
  • A.P.Shops & Establishments Act – 1988
  • Maternity Benefit Act – 1961


Wage and Salary Administration

  • Need for Sound Salary Admn.
  • Important Principles
  • Wage & Salary System.
  • Factors effecting
  • Types of Fringe Benefits.



Manpower Planning

  • Meaning of Manpower Planning
  • Need for Manpower Planning
  • HR Management Rolls.
  • Factors effecting Manpower Planning



Practical Training on ESI.

  • Documentation
  • Brief explanation on Benefits
  • Preparation of monthly challan/Forms
  • Preparation of Half yearly Returns



Practical Training on Provident Fund.

  • Documentation
  • Brief explanation on Benefits
  • Preparation of monthly challan & other forms (Returns)
  • Preparation of Annual Returns


Pay Roll Management

  • Brief explanation

Explanation of components & Deductions



Preparation of Policies and Procedures

  • Legal explanation
  • Preparation
  • Execution procedure


 Income Tax on Salary

  • Meaning
  • Brief explanation
  • Tax applicability





































Terms & Conditions for Training: Affordable (Special consideration for students)

 Fee details: For Program RS 6000/-                                     

 Duration: 30 days Two hours daily  




1st Batch from 9.00 am to 11.00 am (from 26th March’12)


2nd Batch from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm (from 15th March’12)


3rd Batch from 07.00 pm to 9.00 pm (from  5th March’12)






Benefits of the Training Programme: 


–   Helps to prepare guidelines for work                                            –

–   Helps a person  handle stress, tension, frustration and  conflict

–   Helps to develop practical knowledge to meet the organizational requirements .

–   Develops  a  sense of  growing  in learning .

–   Improves confidence levels in every person.

–   Helps the individual  in making  better decisions  and effective solving

–   Helps to upgrade/update the knowledge/skills.                               .

–   Helps to face an interview.

–   Helps eliminate fear in attempting  new tasks.

–   Helps to get promotions in the job.

–   Increases job Satisfaction and recognition.

– Helps to understand Pay roll Software, ERP and SAP-HR.


Please feel free to contact us for any further clarifications.


With Regards,




Business Development Manager


 Click Here To Download Core Hr Training Programme

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