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Appendix Core Competency Workshop

I have Attached Appendix Core Competency Workshop

Appendix 2

Workshop on Identifying Employee Core Competencies



To identify employee core competencies; or competencies that should be possessed by all employees regardless of their functions.



Top executive level or General Manager



1 day



  • This one-day workshop will basically comprise of two sessions:
    • Session 1 : Explaining the link between firms’ core capabilities and employee core competencies.
    • Session 2 : Identifying Employee Core Competencies.


  • The process of identifying employee core competencies will typically entail the following questions:
  1. What are the five or six critical things your organization needs to do well to accomplish your strategy successfully?
  2. Where do you currently have the capabilities you need to win in the future?  Where don’t you have the capabilities?  Where are the biggest gaps between what you have and what you need to win?
  3. Have you identified how these needed capabilities translate into people skills/competencies?  If so, what are the major skills/competencies required?

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Appendix Competency Workshop

I have Attached Appendix Competency Workshop

Appendix 1

Competency Workshop



This workshop is held to introduce the concept of competency. This workshop will also clarify the scope and design features of the competency project.



Project Counterparts/General Manager of HR



2 days



  • The workshop will be divided into two days discussing the following topics:


    • Day 1: Describing general understanding of competency model.

The materials for day 1 should at least include the following issues:

      • Concept of competency
      • Components of competency
      • Competency model development


      • Day 2: Defining the scope and design of the competency project. Depending on the client’s need, the model should address the following design factors :
        • The context and scope of the project. Will the model be geared toward a specific function or total organization?
        • The expected outcomes of competency model. Will the model  be used to develop and train employees; or to design career development plan?
        • The level of future orientation of the model. Will the model reflect future or current job requirements? If the client decides that their model will be based on future requirements, they might use future performance needs (i.e., benchmark data; best practices) as a basis to create competencies.
        • Types of competencies (managerial, technical, etc) that will be used in developing competency model.

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