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Tips to Engage Employees During Recession

Tricks to engage employees during recession

One of the most challenging aspects of running an organization is the task of ‘employee engagement’. The Human Resource Department is the driving force that keeps it on the go. HR does not face much of a problem when the company runs in good days. The big blow comes during the time of recession.

Recessions are normally dreaded times when the global market remains at question. Company ceases to grow which directly affect the employees. In simpler words, no more increments and no more promotions. It is a phase where employees feel demotivated and challenges the HR management to come up with effective strategies to pass the tough phase.

Importance of employee engagement

Most importantly, because it directly benefits the company. Profitability and engagement go hand in hand. The more the competition, the more is the outcome. Plus employees to need financial growth to sustain in this tough world. But when recession knocks at the door, the engagement level suffers questioning the sustainability of the company in future.

A few of the characteristics include passion for work, emotionally mature, affect positive environment, customer satisfaction, personal initiative, job involvement, relationship building, embrace change, critical thinking, self-development, creativity, trustworthy and so on.

Impact of unemployment

There has been a global unemployment session going on it the present. Jobs are scarce and layoffs are everywhere. There is a feeling of insecurity in the market, companies are being downsized and there is this constant fear of permanent job loss.

Feeling Good Matters in the Workplace, a 2006 Gallup study says that there are usually three types of employees in an organization:

  • 28% include the engaged employees. This section normally works with the right zeal and potential with innovations to run the company and bring it to the top.
  • 54% include the non engaged employees or the checked out. They are termed as sleepwalkers. They to work for the company but does not really care about the outcome. They only believe in meeting deadlines and getting their work done.
  • The rest 18% form the actively disengaged lot. They seem to be unsatisfied and remain busy complaining about their grumpy work life. Nothing makes them happy. They keep on undermining engaged coworkers accomplishments.

However, the last decade has seen a certain growth in the engaged employee’s graph. It rose from 26 to 30 percent and actively disengaged employees rose from 15 to 20 percent.

Tips to engage employees in recession

Employ management/leadership practices

Managers and supervisors should understand the importance of their role and their influence on the employees. The flow of communication should never break otherwise it is bound to break employee expectations and affect performance report.

HR may adopt strategies like at times of severe recession when budgets do not allow for training off-site, they must be able to take advantage of employees’ interests and engage them for work.

Challenge employees

One of the most experimented human psychologies is that people tend to give their best if they are scaled or marked. They do everything they can to prove their potentials. Employ this strategy during time of recessions. Challenge employees with different task and they will automatically achieve more than normal. But do not forget to guide and mentor them.

Converse with employees

Listen to their emotional side. Maintain the communication bridge. Let them share their insights. Clear their doubts. This is because no matter how professional you tend to be, if any personal issue stings, you will never be able to give your cent percent. Therefore ease their mind with a healthy employee-employer relationship.

Arrange get to gather

Floor activities and events create short term good memories that immensely aid in developed work potential. HR can organize get to gather where employees can show their hidden talent and be rewarded. This way they get off work without getting off exactly. This is undoubtedly one of the best strategies to adopt during recession.

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Tips to Conduct Technical Interviews with Frequently Asked Questions

Tips to Conduct Technical Interviews with Frequently Asked Questions

Technical interviews are conducted with strict role specificity.  Interviewers normally ask question related to the position applied for such as brain teaser and/or numerical reasoning questions to understand the suitability of the applicant. Technical questions help access candidates or graduates in sectors like IT, Engineering and Science on their efficiency. Such interviews are also conducted for less specialist yet highly competitive roles as in the investment sector in banks.

Following are a few tips to help you conduct a productive technical interview:

  • While preparing for the job description, make sure your technical team includes entities such as work experience, technical knowledge based on the necessity.
  • New software launch every now and then. Keep yourselves updated on the latest technology and understand its utility knowhow.
  • Prepare your FAQ sheet in collaboration with your Software Team members. The questionnaire should be based on latest technology. The answers for them should be at hand too.
  • Ask the candidates about their understanding on technology and review their answer with a calmer approach.


Most Asked FAQ’s in Technical Interview

Here is a list of the top 25 most asked questions by recruiters in technical interviews. These will help you prepare your questions better.

1. What technical certifications have you achieved and how do you achieve those?

2. Which development tools are you familiar with?

3. What is your languages specialty?

4. What do you know about authentication and authorization? What are the tools to support the same in enterprise deployments?

5. What measures do you take to ensure accurate project estimates?

6. Which technical website do you follow?

7. What do you know about SAN? Explain it briefly.

8. What is your take on clustering?

9. How will you enforce relational integrity in database design?

10. Which are the automated-build tools or processes you have used till date?

11. What do you know about optimistic and pessimistic locking?

12. What is delete statement and truncate statement in database?

13. What is database performance metrics and how do you monitor them?

14. What is a honey pot in network security?

15. How role does your education play in preparing you for the job?

16. What are your key competencies for this job?

17. Give an account of your IT strengths and weaknesses.

18. What was the last project you worked on and what was your role in that?

19. How will you justify that working with business users is fruitful?

20. What was your biggest achievement in your previous job?

21. Give instances where you have practically applied your technical knowledge.

22. Have you ever come up with productive suggestions to improve an existing design? What was it?

23. How much reuse have you ever got out of your self developed code?

24. Service oriented or batch oriented solutions: What is your pick?

25. Do you download utility from the internet to make your work more productive? Which one?

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Tips to Earn Fame in Your Company

Tips to Earn Fame in Your Company

The road to success has never been easy. It is an uphill battle. However, in today’s competitive field the hardship has multiplied even more. Talking about business ventures, the work environment remains tough and quite influencing. They are filled with highly spirited minds and hence to top them becomes a highly daunting task.

However, it is not as difficult as it sounds. Today, I am up with a few tips to help you earn fame at your work place and be respected by all.

  • The key to promotion is to keep yourself updated. Upgrade your skills by infusing latest information and technologies. Be open to new ideas and come up with your own innovations. Train yourself to be able to mould into any situation required.
  • You cannot work all alone in a company. You need help and so do others. Since success of a company is a group work you will have to understand the meaning of collaboration. Help your coworkers whenever they approach you. This way you become favorite personnel in your company.
  • Treat the company as your own. Understand its morals and value and work up to its expectations. If you haven’t been good at this, does not mean you cannot break the present stereotype. Give some extra time for background research of your company and work accordingly.
  • You must not let your mistakes undermine you. Rather learn from them. People make mistakes and it is totally natural. Correct those and turn them into your strengths. And most importantly, never put blame on others. You can never create a good impression that way.
  • At the end of the day, it is your boss that you seek recognition from. Maintain a good relationship with him. Let your work report speak on your behalf. Approach him with new ideas and innovations and make him aware of your hardship and contribution from time to time.
  • You get deadlines for the work assigned to you. Work passionately and try to finish it before time. This is another best way to gain your boss’s attention. Focus on your responsibilities plus take initiative in others too, if you think you know the job well and good. Talk about productivity and think of ways how you can provide a helping hand.
  • Be open to feed back and accept criticizes with a positive attitude. They are actually stepping stones to success and fame in your company. Resolve misunderstanding with a colleague directly and apologize if you go wrong.  This way you can earn more respect at your work place.

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10 HR Tips to Improve Collaboration in a Company

10 HR Tips to Improve Collaboration in a Company

Collaboration is the key to success in every organization. This is important because businesses run on symbiotic relationships – one cannot function without the other. They are conventional. They openly depend on one another be it globally, regionally, in countries, between countries, in teams and in project works. Thus, the role of an HR in this aspect is very important. He has the responsible on his shoulder to make sure that the company’s collaboration is increasing tenfold.

We recently experimented with around 20 multinational companies to get an idea to this behavior where we came up with an interesting irony: The driving power that helps in running a company such as diversity and educated employees quite adversely make a tough work environment to survive too. This should not be happening. It is high time these big shots understand the value of collaboration as working together hand in hand is the key to every small big blow faced by an organization.

Today, I have come up with some of the best ideas to help you in the collaboration process. Have a look.

  1. You being an HR should be able to come up with new ideas to feed into the employee selection process. Try to be innovative and explore your thoughts.
  2. Another interesting and fruitful idea will be to search for a team rather than single individuals while hiring. It saves the initial awkward days of orientation and speed up the production process.
  3. You must keep your priorities straight. Look out for people with international network linked ins in the past.
  4. The market is full of collaboration tools like Yammer for effective helping hand in the hiring process. Make use of such tools to fasten up projects and programs.
  5. Make a diagram of all the relevant networks in your organization. Later detect your natural collaborators and talk it out with them to move to strategic nodes in the network. This way impact of your company enhances.
  6. Adopt the virtual teaming phenomenon as most companies go for today. In this phenomenon, participants are asked to collaborate in a virtual team that is given a certain strategic assignment before meeting in person. This way they understand the potentials of the participants while comes handy in the selection process later on.
  7. Use manipulation. Reward teams and individuals who could enhance collaboration and bring profit.
  8. Set up a Community Facilitator and invest in it. These facilitators normally stimulate communities and drive an urge to learn in the same.
  9. Never underestimate the young generations. Include them in your projects. Because their way of looking at a particular frame is totally different from the baby boomers which directly benefit the collaboration process.
  10. Try changing job title. May be from CHRO to CCO (Chief Collaboration Officer). This makes the position more dignified and brings out more potential.

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Tips for Job Seekers

Tips for Job Seekers

  • Put Resume heading/Title in such a way that they should understand about all your expertises. Like if you are strong in Win Runner Try to put that in title like “Win Runner Expert”/”Win Runner Automation Engineer” etc. Chances of identifying you by the recruiters is high if your Title is relevent and exposing your expertisation
  • Dont provide all the details in the job portal. They will contact you for that information. Try to get impression by your communication and way of talking
  • Update your profile in all the portals at around 10-00 AM daily
  • In some portals like Naukri, they are providing their E-Mail ids. so instead of applying from naukri, just copy all such email ids and send your Profile to them stating in your mail that ” i got your ref in”. Direct mail will give more chances of getting call if you put subject in efficiant way
  • If you are applying for the company which is bigger than your present company, try to communicate with them through phone. That will give good results.
  • Please tell that your Expected salary is negotiable till you get selected. Otherwise sometimes that will be problematic
  • Do follow all interview formalities. we should not miss even one chance just because of dressing, body language, etc. Still some interviewers are perticular about that.
  • Please try to know the major benefits that you will get if you join that company. This is very much important thing to be considered as you are seeking your career with that company. you have to provide the things which made you intrested in that company.
  • If you are going to start job trials for the first time, make sure that you have all the skills in enough ratio. Technical, Communication, behaviour these are the major components which we need to have skills atleast 70% in each.
  • If you dont have enough skills in any of those three, please take time to improve yourself in that. start your trails after that. otherwise you may have to loose chances in so many companies.


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20 Resume Writing TIPs – Ground RULES

20 Resume Writing TIPs – Ground RULES
1. Bold and enlarge your name at the top.
2. Keep the sections lined up and consistent.
3. Use an Arial or Times New Roman font (or similar).
4. Don’t use more than 2 types of fronts
5. Font size shouldn’t be smaller than 11pt or larger than 12pt, except for your Name and Headings.
6. Spacing in between the paragraph should be uniform.
7. Do not include pronouns such as “I,” company street addresses, salary, or reasons for leaving.
8. Two-page resume: be sure to fill the second page at least halfway down the page.
9. Place “Continued” at the bottom of page one, and your name and “Page 2” at the top of page two.
10. Use graphics sparingly unless you are in a creative field. It is safe to use a border and shading.
11. Leave out personal data, photos, and unrelated hobbies, unless you are an actor/actress or model.
12. Don’t use companies logos in your resume
13. Send your Resume in Microsoft Word

14. Don’t use colour fronts ( you can use grey shed for borders)
15. Use white A4 bond paper
16. The document should password Free
17. Spelling mistakes and hand written correction not allowed.
18. Photo copy Resume does not look good if at all you have to do then get it done from good Photocopier.
19. Your email could be simply your first and last name @ hotmail or yahoo, or if you have a web site yourname @ and not “[email protected]
20. Proof, proof, and proof again!

Please circulate this article to the job seeker, so that they don’t make this silly mistakes while scripting their Resume.

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Resume Writing Tips

Here is a document about Resume Writing.

Click Here To Download Resume Writing

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Letter Writing Tips

Attached file is helpful for letter drafting.

Click Here To Download Business Letter Format Tips

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