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Sample of Professional Employee Promotion Letter with Salary Increase

Promotion at job is one thing that every employee dreams of and it becomes all the more rewarding when it brings along a great salary hike. This is one of the best news for any employee and hence it must be shared with him in a formal way by writing a promotion letter including the mention of salary increase.

Here is the template format of employee promotion letter with salary increase to help you write a professional letter without missing on the important information. Keep it polite and encouraging for a perfect positive feel.

Format of Professional Employee Promotion Letter with Salary Increase

Date: 17th, December, 2014

Ms. Helen Grace

52, Richmond Street

New York

Dear Ms. Grace,

After reviewing your performance during the last year, we are happy to inform you that the company is promoting you to the post of Deputy Manager, Marketing Department.

We are really impressed with your ability to meet targets and complete all the projects on time. We are very sure that you will make the best use of this opportunity which you have been offered to you and take our organization to new heights with your dedication, hard work and commitment. We are very hopeful that you will keep delivering the best performance like you have been doing in the past.

We are also happy to announce a salary increase along with your promotion. An exclusive letter containing the details of your salary revision will be sent to you soon.

Wishing you all the best. We are hopeful that you will justify company’s decision.

For AMC Technologies,

George Meyers

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Enclosed the Professional Tax slab rate for reference.



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