Appreciation Mail to Employee for Good Customer Service

Appreciation Mail to Employee for Good Customer Service

When any of your employee has made a customer happy with his or her good customer service then this calls for wiring an employee appreciation email. And you can do so by following an appreciation mail format. The appreciation mail example makes it easier for you to frame a draft on your own by keeping the appreciation mail Sample as the base for writing one.

In this post, we bring to you an appreciation email template for employee for good customer service.

Employee Appreciation Email Format for Good Customer Service

Dear Richard,

I am writing this email to thank you on behalf of the management at Zenith Technologies for such an impressive customer service. The way you handled the fragile case of Mr. Andrew Smith, we all are really impressed. As you know that he is one of our most important clients and losing him was something that we could not afford. You really handled all his complaints in the very mature and smart manner and also convinced him to keep his account with our company.

We appreciate you for your good customer service and we also thank you for being such a remarkable and loyal employee to the company. We are truly happy to have you as a part of our core team.


Bob Harley

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