Appreciation Email to Employee for Hard Work

Appreciation Email to Employee for Hard Work

Writing an appreciation email to employee for his hard work or dedication is a wonderful way of acknowledging his or her efforts. The appreciation mail format is quite simple as it talks about the good work done. The Employee Appreciation Email must always include the reason for writing the mail.

This post includes the appreciation mail example. You can use this Employee appreciation mail Sample for creating an appreciation email to employee for hard work.

Appreciation Email Template for Hard Work

Dear Mr. Smith,

I really appreciate your support in finishing the presentation on “Midnight Restaurants” on time. You went out of your way to always be there to have the presentation finished within the deadlines. Moreover, the unique ideas that you came up with were really liked by the client.

It is because of all your hard work and dedication that we were able to manage to get this account with such an important client.


Bob Harvey

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