Appreciation Email to Employee for Good Work

To motivate the employees to work better and to retain their services, you must always appreciate them for their good work. It is the sweetest gesture that infuses new energy in the employee by acknowledging all the efforts he has put in. If you feel that an employee has made a remarkable contribution to your organization then you must write an appreciation email to him appreciating his good work.

Here is an example sample appreciation email which is the perfect blend of appreciation and motivation. Use this format in a customized manner to create your own personalized email to acknowledge, appreciate and motivate the work of your employee.

Sample appreciation Email to employee for good work

Sub: Appreciation Letter

Dear Mr. Sam Brown,

The purpose for writing this email to you is to congratulate you on successfully completing the New York Marketing Project. ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. is proud to have an extraordinary hard working and committed employee like you. You have always been a star performed and you have always completed all your projects on time with best results.

I would also like to share that we have received many compliments for you from our clients who have praised your working style. We are extremely delighted to have a wonderful and valuable person like you in our organization. You have always traveled an extra mile to meet your targets. With your dedication and professional approach, you have been able to take our company to a higher rank by working really hard on the New York Marketing Project which in turn has brought lots of fame to the company. Because of your contribution, we are able to have increased sales and a pool of happy and satisfied clients.

You have not only been a remarkable performer but you have also been an impressive leader. It is the result of your guidance and leadership that your team has been able to deliver such an enticing performance. With your commitment and diligence, you have taken ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. to new levels. On behalf of ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd., I take this opportunity to express gratitude towards your hard work. I would also like to wish you all the best for all future endeavors. May you keep performing better in years to come.


Samantha Gibs

Asst. Manager

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

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